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Ma Zhengwu met with Executive Director of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong

The Group’s Headquarters     2017-08-30         

On August 28, the Group’s Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman Ma Zhengwu met with visiting Executive Director of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (SEHK), Li Xiaojia. The two sides exchanged views on jointly promoting the standardization and normalization of commodity trading, state-owned equity capital operation and other cooperation matters.


Ma Zhengwu extended his warm welcome to the delegation from SEHK. Ma Zhengwu said that China Chengtong would like to strengthen its cooperation with SEHK, participate in improving and regulating the commodity trading system, prevent financial risks, and support the development of the real economy. As a pilot company for state-owned capital operation, China Chengtong has carried out active experiments in improving the liquidity of state-owned capital and the governance of listed companies, and hopes to receive guidance and support from SEHK.

Li Xiaojia expressed his appreciation for the unique role that China Chengtong has played in the central state-owned enterprises’ reform and adjustment of the state capital layout. Li Xiaojia hoped that SEHK and China Chengtong could learn from each other, deepen their cooperation on multiple levels, and jointly promote the standardization of commodity trading market. Li Xiaojia said that the SEHK would work closely with China Chengtong to strengthen exchanges, provide support for the operation of the state-owned capital market and create a favorable environment.
The CEO of Qianhai United Trading Center, Guo Xiaoli; Chief China Economist, Ba Shusong; SEHK Director, General Manager and Head of Mainland Business Development, Mao Zhirong; SEHK Director, General Manager and Joint Head of Market Development, Li Gang; Director of the Office of SEHK Chief Executive, Bao Haijie; Chairman of CMST Development Co., Ltd., Han Tielin; President of China Chengtong Hong Kong Asset Management Co., Ltd., Wu Zhenhua; and relevant personnel from the Group’s related departments attended the meeting.


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