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CSRF actively invests in establishing CRRCET

The Group’s Headquarters     2017-08-27         

On August 24, China Structural Reform Fund Corporation Limited (CSRF) completed its RMB 350 million equity investment in CRRC Environmental Technology Company (CRRCET) and became its second largest shareholder.

CRRC Corporation Limited (CRRC) is the world's largest supplier of rail transit equipment with the most complete product lines and leading technologies, and is also the world's leading cross-industry high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise. Basing on its advanced technologies and high-performance equipment in rail transportation field, CRRC has extended its business into water treatment, solid waste treatment and other fields for many years, and established a considerable scale of industrial base and market application. Especially in the field of decentralized water treatment area, CRRC has carried out many demonstration projects in more than 20 cities in China, which has made it become the first batch of rural sewage treatment service providers recommended by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. As CRRC’s subordinate, CRRCET is capable of meeting the requirements of the comprehensive water environment capacity of domestic multi-environment, multi-topography and different climatic characteristics. In the future, CRRCET will strive to become a professional environmental technology solutions provider and a first-class high-end environmental protection equipment manufacturer, and create a comprehensive platform for the development of the world-class environmental protection industry with CRRC’s characteristics.

CSRF’s participation in the establishment of CRRCET exemplifies CSRF’s active role in CRRC’s stock assets revitalization and assets layout optimization, which also serves as an important part of CSRF’s role in the environmental protection industry. Besides CRRC and CRRC Industrial Investment Co., Ltd.’s investment, CSFR’s co- finance with other social capital contributes to the formation of CRRCET’s reasonable equity framework, helps it adhere to market-oriented operation, and safeguards CRRCET’s strong ability to integrate resources and commitment to constantly promoting the overall level of Chinese environmental protection equipment and their standard.

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