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The Group’s Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman Ma Zhengwu visited Shenyang and Harbin-based companies

The Group’s Headquarters     2017-08-07         

The Group’s Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman Ma Zhengwu visited China Railway Materials Company Limited (CRM), China National Materials Storage and Transportation Corporation (CMST) and China Logistics Corporation Ltd. (China Logistics)’s companies in Shenyang and Harbin.

Figure 1: Ma Zhengwu visited logistics base in Shenyang

In CRM Shenyang Branch, Ma Zhengwu visited the company’s original office building and logistics base, learned about the company’s land and real estate situation, and was debriefed by its General Manager Yang Jianshu about CRM Shenyang Branch’s general information, personnel redundancy and diversifying, disposal of risk events, compressing & reducing work (compressing the levels of hierarchy of management and reducing the number of legal entities), assets activation, separation and transfer of water supply, power supply, heating and property management functions, development of existing business and Party building work. Ma Zhengwu put forward four requirements for the company: first, in accordance with the overall requirements of CRM’s reform and restructuring work, the company needs to perform well in debts-clearing and liquidation work; second, the company needs to enhance its asset disposal work and take the initiative to carry out asset revitalization work; third, the company needs to increase its risk management efforts, expand its scope of ideas, propose innovative ways and methods and increase incentives and punishment efforts; fourth, the company needs to enhance its Party building work, do a good job of maintaining stability and safety in production and operate well in retired employees’ cost management.

In CRM Harbin Company and Harbin Logistics Company, Ma Zhengwu visited Harbin Xianfeng Steel Market and Sun’s Materials Factory in the rain. Ma Zhengwu was debriefed by CRM Harbin Company and Harbin Logistics Company’s General Manager Meng Jianfei and Secretary of the Party Committee Ji Lei about the company’s work. Ma Zhengwu made three demands: first, the company should do a good job in management and debts-clearing and liquidation work. In the meantime, it should research on reform which is suitable for the actual situation of the company by centering on its survival and development; second, with regard to the company reform, the company should think about more methods and be more flexible. As long as it is suitable for the company’s survival and development, that can be actively explored; third, the company’s management team should continue to maintain an atmosphere of unity and hard work, play its core leading role, and lead the company’s turnaround in order to achieve its transformation and development.

Figure 2: Ma Zhengwu held talks in CMST

In Chengtong Metal’s Shenyang Branch, Ma Zhengwu was debriefed by its General Manger Ma Peng about the company’s operation. Ma Zhengwu focused on the test run of its spot electronic trading project and learned about key issues in project construction relating to clients and settlement. Ma Zhengwu put forward four requirements to the company for its further development: first, it should boldly promote reform; second, it should speed up innovation and transformation; third, it should become more competent in the market, and optimize the allocation of resources; fourth, it should strengthen the Party building work and do well in team building. Ma Zhengwu hoped that the company could shoulder the responsibility of the central state-owned enterprises, properly implement various strategies, strive for the construction of a unified, open and transparent market, and contribute more to the development of the Group.

Figure 3: Ma Zhengwu visited Liaoning Chengtong Logistics Company

During his visit to Liaoning Chengtong Logistics Company, Ma Zhengwu visited the warehouse of industrial products like Brilliance and Mobil, and warehouse of wine like Wuliangye and the Yanghe River. The General Manager of Liaoning Chengtong Logistics Company Hu Xianzhuo reported on the operation of the company’s major customers and its future development plan. In his visit to CMST, Ma Zhengwu visited CMST Shenyang East Station Warehouse Geli Project and CMST Shenyang Branch’s Global Project. Ma Zhengwu was debriefed about CMST Shenyang-based enterprises’ overall performance and their 13th five-year plan of ‘building four bases, three teams, and an integration platform’. Ma Zhengwu spoke highly of Liaoning Chengtong Logistics Company’s rapid development, which has grown out of nothing, and also achievements attained by CMST’s Shenyang-based enterprises’ through outputting management and providing value-added services to realise transformation. He hoped every company to strengthen its operational capacity, actively explore new models of separation of assets holding and operation management, and enhance professional service capability through technological innovation; enhance its Party building work, in particular the Party organizations at the grass-roots level, and do a good job of maintaining stability and safe production; encourage its reform and innovation in mechanism and system, especially exploring a new way and attaining new achievements on the basis of integrating brand, talent, technology and other core elements in order to establish a management company basing on team capacity. Ma Zhengwu also required all companies to strengthen cooperation within the system, in particular actively working with CMST Smart Transportation, and speed up the implementation work in key areas.

China Logistics’ Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman Liang Weihua, CRM’s Assistant to the President Hao Wenwu, relevant personnel from the Group’s Office of the Board of Directors and CRM’s Department of Investment and Development joined the visit.


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