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The Group’s Chairman Ma Zhwngwu attended the 2nd Forum on State-owned Enterprises Forefront Reform

The Group’s Headquarters     2017-07-27         

On July 26, the 2nd Forum on State-owned Enterprises Forefront Reform was held in Guangzhou. The Group’s Chairman and Secretary of Party Committee Ma Zhengwu was invited to attend the forum and delivered a keynote speech entitled ‘Adhering to the market operation mode and exerting the effects of the specialized platform——the pilot practice of China Chengtong’.

In Ma Zhengwu’s speech, he introduced China Chengtong’s ‘synchronised implementation of pilot reorganization and pilot tasks’ and exploration centering around what needs to be tested and how to test it as a pilot company. China Chengtong has made full use of the platform, served the supply side structural reform and layout structure adjustment, done a good job in capital increments, revitalized the stock of assets and improved the quality. First, China Chengtong has highlighted the state-owned capital operation and has investment funds play their guiding role; second, China Chengtong has actively promoted and participated in, from the capital level, the central state-owned enterprises’ promotion of the supply side structural reform, improved the quality of its development and prevented financial market risks; third, China Chengtong has centered around the principle of ‘optimizing the allocation structure and improving operational efficiency’, explored the state-owned equity market-oriented and professional modes of operation, and cultivated new development momentum. By carefully analyzing pilot work accomplished by China Chengtong, Ma Zhengwu summarized it as ‘one positioning, four functions and three targets’. One positioning means that China Chengtong considers itself as the professional platform for state-owned capital’s market-oriented operation; four functions stand for investment and financing, shareholding management, capital operation, and asset management; three targets include optimized asset allocation and investment portfolio, good profitability and abundant cash flow.

This forum targets at conveying and implementing the spirit of the ‘National Conference on State-owned Enterprises Reform Experience Exchange’, focusing on reform cases, sharing reform experience, discussing about problems encountered in reform and elaborating on reform plans. The forum is sponsored by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) Media Centre, SASAC Research Centre and Economic Information Daily.


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