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The Group’s Chairman Ma Zhengwu visited CRM’s Guangzhou-based enterprises

The Group’s Headquarters     2017-07-28         

On July 25, the Group’s Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman Ma Zhengwu visited China Railway Materials Company Limited (CRM)’s Guangzhou-based enterprises.


During the visit, Ma Zhengwu was debriefed about performance of CRM Guangzhou Company, Logistics Guangzhou Branch, Shipai Project etc. Ma Zhengwu was satisfied with their work and put forward four requirements: first, all companies should unify their thoughts and continue to reform and innovate. Every company should be bold enough to explore new systems and mechanism in order to motivate their employees’ entrepreneurship initiative; second, all companies should actively utilize various resources, intensify their efforts to the dispose of risks, apply various methods to carry out debt-clearing work and further increase the intensity of rewards and punishments for debt-clearing work; third, all companies should pool joint efforts of the Communist Party, the government, the labor union, and the Communist Youth League and do a good job in ideological and political work of employees, the early-retired and retired staff in order to maintain stability over CRM’s hardship; fourth, all companies should enhance Party building work, fully implement strict requirements and give full play to the Party organization in political, ideological, organizational and disciplinary guarantee over enterprises’ reform and transformation.

Related personnel from the Group’s Office of the Board of Directors, CRM’s Department of Investment and Development joined the visit.


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