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The Group’s President Zhu Bixin attended Signing Ceremony of Moutai Logistics’ Capital and Share Increase

The Group’s Headquarters     2017-07-28         

On July 27, the signing ceremony of capital and share increase of Moutai Logistics Company (Moutai Logistics) was held in Moutai town, Guizhou province. The Group’s President Zhu Bixin, Vice-President Li Yousheng, Moutai Group’s Chairman Yuan Renguo, Vice Chairman of Guizhou Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Zhu Jiming, member the Standing Committee of Zunyi Municipal Party Committee and the Secretary of Renhuai Municipal Party Committee Zhang Yihao, Mayor of Renhuai City Wang Nengke attended the signing ceremony. Moutai Group’s Secretary of Party Committee and President Li Baofang presided over the ceremony.

Moutai Logistics is Moutai Group’s professional transportation company and has played an important role in Moutai Group’s logistics system, which is now transforming from a logistics company serving Moutai Group to a professional company specialized in logistics business. Through this round capital increase and shareholder introduction, Moutai Logistics has introduced two strategic investors as its new shareholders, namely China Logistics Corporation Ltd. (China Logistics) and Guizhou Renhuai Jiang-flavour Chinese Spirits Industry Development and Investment Company (Renhuai Company), which will inject strong internal vitality and external power to the development of Moutai Logistics and help it become China’s first-class logistics supply chain service provider.

In Zhu Bixin’s speech, he stated that as China Chengtong’s subsidiary, China Logistics’ purchase of Moutai Logistics’ shares would give full play to the advantages of China Chengtong and China Logistics’ perfect network layout and mature business model, accelerate the construction of Moutai Logistics’ layout and enhancement of its operational efficiency, and facilitate Moutai Logistics’ transition to becoming the modern third party logistics business. China Chengtong would strongly support the cooperation between China Logistics and Moutai Logistics. In the meantime, China Chengtong would also like to enhance its collaboration with Moutai Group at a deeper level and on a broader scale, actively participate in Moutai Group’s transformation and upgrading, capital operation, mixed ownership reform, logistics services, and international management in order to promote common development of both sides.


Yuan Renguo stated that Moutai Logistics’ capital and share increase was the inevitable choice of Moutai Group, China Logistics and Renhuai Company by following the trend of logistics development. Moutai Group would work closely with China Logistics and Renhuai Company to build a new platform and a new mechanism for trilateral cooperation, develop new models for smart logistics and expand new formats for cold chain logistics in order to promote innovation-driven development and make positive contributions to transformation and upgrading and make efforts to have Moutai Logistics become a model for cooperation between central state-owned enterprises (SoEs) and local SoEs.


In Zhang Yihao’s speech, he noted that Moutai Logistics’ increase in capital and share and introduction of strategic investors was an important measure to upgrade its strategic collaboration to a higher level. He hoped that Moutai Logistics could make new and positive contributions to Moutai Group’s strategic development, Renhuai’s economic and social transformation, and even China logistics industry’s rapid development.

In the end of the ceremony, Li Baofang noted that cooperation among Moutai Group, China Logistics and Renhuai Company opened a new chapter for common development between central state-owned enterprises (SoEs) and local SoEs. It would help promote Moutai Logistics’ innovation, strengthen its logistics system, raise its management level and improve its economic efficiency.


After the signing ceremony, Zhu Bixin also met with Moutai Group’s Secretary of Party Committee and President Li Baofang, and discussed about further collaboration between China Chengtong and Moutai Group. Both sides acknowledged that there was a big room for cooperation in SoE’s reform, capital management, logistics services and international management, and hoped that they could make good use of Moutai Logistics’ capital and share increase in order to achieve win-win development.

China Logistics’ General Manager Li Xiangyang, the Group’s Director of the Department of Strategic Management Dong Zhiguang and related personnel from China Logistics attended the ceremony and meeting.


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