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The Group’s Chairman Ma Zhengwu met with Zhongwei Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Mayor

The Group’s headquarters     2017-07-25         

Between July 23 and 24, the Group’s Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman Ma Zhengw met with Zhongwei Secretary of Municipal Party Committee He Jian and Mayor Wan Xinheng. Ma Zhengwu also visited the Group’s Zhongwei-based enterprises and projects.


Ma Zhengwu expressed his gratitude to Zhongwei Municipal Party Committee and Zhongwei Municipal Government for their support and care over China Chengtong’s enterprises in Zhongwei. Ma Zhengwu noted that Zhongye Paper-Industry’s debt restructuring work has been well prepared and that would serve a good basis for its assets revitalization, disposal and development on the next stage. Zhongye Paper-Industry would speed up the optimization of asset allocation in Zhongwei, improve the utilization efficiency and find new investment opportunities on the basis of successfully managing the existing investment projects. Ma Zhengwu also hoped that Zhongwei Municipal Party Committee and Zhongwei Municipal Government could provide more support in areas like assets revitalization and utilization, photovoltaic power generation and comprehensive utilization of forestry.

On behalf of Zhongwei Municipal Party Committee and Zhongwei Municipal Government, He Jian extended his warn welcome to Ma Zhengwu and the delegation and spoke highly of Chengtong’s fulfillment of the responsibility of central state-owned enterprises, investment in Meili Cloud-based Data Centre and Zhongwei Logistics Park etc.. He Jian said that Zhongwei would continue its support to project construction and new projects investment. Wan Xinheng noted that Zhongwei Municipal Government would strengthen its communication with enterprises, understand their needs and help resolve their practical problems.
On July 24, accompanied by Mayor of Zhongwei City Wan Xinheng and Deputy Mayor Zhu Dangdang, Ma Zhengwu visited Zhongwei Logistics Park, Meili Plasm Paper and Meili Cloud-based Data Centre. Ma Zhengwu was debriefed about those companies’ work and he was satisfied with their working progress. Ma Zhengwu put forward a few requirements for their next-stage work: first, Zhongwei Logistics Park should cultivate the upstream and downstream customers as soon as possible in order to create a sense of belonging, implement CMST Smart Transportation support system, and make online truck broker a powerful auxiliary for logistics park’s operations; second, Meili Plasm Paper should speed up the realization and revitalization of its stock of assets and increase their value; third, Meili Cloud-based Data Centre should seize the opportunity, speed up its construction work, strengthen its management, achieve profitability as soon as possible, and strive for a qualitative leap; fourth, all companies should strengthen their Party building work and do a good job of Party building work in newly established and mixed ownership enterprises. Ma Zhengwu emphasized that Zhongwei-based companies should actively cooperate with Zhongwei Municipal Government and resolutely carry out environmental improvement and protection work in Shapotou Nature Reserve.
Member of the Standing Committee of Zhongwei Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor Wang Wei, person in charge of Zhongwei Bureau of Industry and Information and Bureau of Communications attended some of the above-mentioned activities. China Logistics’ Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman Liang Weihua, General Manager of CMST Development Zhao Xiaohong and relevant personnel from Meili Cloud-based Data Centre, Saibole and China Logistics’ Ningxia Branch joined the visit.


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