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The Group organized the 2017 employee orientation training

The Group’s Headquarters     2017-07-24         

Over the first half of 2017, the Group has attracted 24 professionals through market-oriented recruitment, of whom seven hold PhD degree. As a result, the allocation of human resources in the Group’s headquarters has been effectively strengthened, and the structure of talents has been further optimized. Recently, the Group’s headquarters organized an orientation training for all employees recruited in 2017. Members of the Group’s Party and management team all acted as the teacher to help new employees understand the Group’s history of development, industry management and capital operation, which enables the trainees to master relevant professional knowledge and integrate into the pilot work of state-owned capital operation company in a timely manner.


The Group’s Chairman Ma Zhengwu introduced the Group’s reform and development since its foundation 25 years ago and put forward five requirements to new employees: first, establish the sense of mission of joining the great cause; second, establish the consciousness of lifelong learning; third, be integrated into China Chengtong’s unique cultural environment; fourth, be innovative and bring a new atmosphere to the Group; fifth, be courageous and have a sense of commitment, ability, and achievements.


The Group’s President Zhu Bixin briefly reviewed with new employees the development of state-owned enterprises since the reform and opening up and introduced achievements China Chengtong has attained since it has become the pilot company for state-owned capital operation. Zhu Bixin expected new staff to develop themselves from the following five areas: first, be loyal to the company; second, pay close attention to learning the relevant principles, policies and documents of the Party and the state and the Group’ rules and regulations; third, take the initiative and work hard and be innovative; fourth, develop the teamwork spirit; last but not least, develop a strict sense of confidentiality

The training was well received.


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