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The Group’s President Ma Zhengwu met with Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Guosheng Group

The Group’s Headquarter      2017-06-13         

On June 8, the Group’s Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman Ma Zhengwu met with visiting Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Guosheng Group (Shanghai Guosheng) Jiang Ming. The two sides exchanged ideas on strengthening information sharing on state-owned capital operation and expanding strategic cooperation.

Ma Zhengwu stated that during its research in Shanghai in this April, China Chengtong’s Board of Directors held in-depth communication with Shanghai Guosheng on capital operation. Shanghai Guosheng conducted its state-owned capital operation in an innovative manner, which was helpful for China Chengtong to learn from. Ma Zhengwu introduced pilot work China Chengtong carried out recently and hoped that the two sides could strengthen their communication and establish an information and resources sharing mechanism, in the meantime, enhance cooperation in state-owned capital operation, reform of state-owned enterprises (SoE) in Shanghai, industrial transformation and upgrading and other areas.

Jiang Ming spoke highly of the unique role China Chengtong played in central state-owned enterprises’ reform and the adjustment of state-owned capital layout. Jiang Ming hoped that China Chengtog could be involved in building the SoE Reform Fund and could help promote the reform of local state-owned capital and SoE. Jiang Ming also expected to expand the scope of cooperation of the two sides to strategic emerging areas like electronic information, integrated circuits and large aircraft manufacturing, enhance communication and information sharing and conduct researches on state-owned capital operation work in a collaborative effort.

General Manger of Shanghai Guosheng’s Department of Equity Management Chen Jian, the Group’s Secretary of the Board of Directors Miao Qinghua and related personnel from the Group’s Office of Board of Directors attended the meeting


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