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The Group’s President Zhu Bixin surveyed Henry Bath & Son Ltd.

The Group’s Headquarter     2017-06-06         

On May 30, the Group’s President Zhu Bixin surveyed CMST’s Henry Bath & Son Ltd. (HB) head office and warehouse based in Liverpool. The Group’s Chief Accountant Xu Zhen, Chairman of CMST Han Tielin joined the visit.

At HB’s head office, Zhu Bixin learned HB’s office management and was thoroughly briefed by HB Group General Managers Graham Hawkin and Paul Wynne on HB’s history, management structure, global locations, competitive edge, trend of the industrial development, coordination with CMST, new business development, etc. Zhu Bixin spoke highly of achievements HB has attained over its more than 200 years’ development, its management concepts, governance structure and employees’ professionalism, and also introduced China Chengtong’s reform and development, China Chengtong’s functional positioning and strategic focus as a state-owned capital operating company.

Zhu Bixin noted that HB played a unique and strategically important role in China Chengtong’s development. As HB’s majority shareholder, China Chengtong and CMST would vigorously support HB’s development. Zhu Bixin put forward three requirements for HB: first, HB should give full play to its existing core competitiveness and maintain its historical and cultural advantages as Britain’s time-honoured warehousing brand; second, HB should inject itself with new development concepts and momentum by integrating with its future development strategies. In the transition from an exchange warehouse to a third-party logistics operator open to the public, HB should study hard and make thorough plans. Third, HB should play the role of an active shareholder, have full confidence on its current management team, and give full play to and mobilize the team's professional management skill and work enthusiasm. Zhu Bixin also extended his sincere regards to HB’s staff and placed high hope on them.


After the meeting, Zhu Bixin joined the ‘Walk “Belt and Road” route, Experience new development opportunities’ walking activity initiated by CMST and HB. This helped bring this series of activities to Europe and encouraged all parties to seize the opportunity to expand collaboration against the backdrop of the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative. Zhu Bixin also visited HB’s Liverpool warehouse and examined nickel, copper, cocoa and other storage varieties, which helped the delegation have a better understanding of HB’s professional operation and management. Zhu Bixin hoped that HB’s experience could serve as a useful supplement to CMST’s traditional management model and the two could learn from each other to achieve diversified development.

Mercuria Group’s Director (President of Asian-Pacific Region) Han Jin, China Chengtong’s Director of Department of Financial Management Wu Ping, President of China Chengtong Hong Kong Asset Management Wu Zhenhua, CMST Shanghai Branch (Overseas Business Department) General Manager Wang Haibin joined the visit.


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