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China Chengtong and Beijing Hospital Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement

The Group’s Headquarter     2017-05-27         

On May 26, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between China Chengtong and Beijing Hospital was held in Beijing. Zeng Yixin, Vice-minister of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, attended and witnessed the signing ceremony. Ma Zhengwu, the Group’s Chairman, and Wang Jianye, President of Beijing Hospital, signed the agreement on behalf of the two sides. The Group’s President Zhu Bixin presided over the signing ceremony. The Group’s top management team: Qi Kaiming, Xu Zhen, Li Yousheng, Tong Laiming and Xiang Hong, and Beijing Hospital’s top management team: Xi Heng, Wang Jie, Xu Feng, Du Yuantai, Sun Hong and Chairman of Investment Committee of Anhua Baiyun Holdings Group Ren Shufu witnessed the signing ceremony.

In the meeting, Zeng Yixin stated that against the background of deepening medical reform and social aging in China, the cooperation between China Chengtong and Beijing Hospital was a smart and forward-looking move with strategic importance. China Chengtong, as the pilot company of state-owned capital operation, and Beijing Hospital, as a public comprehensive hospital specialized in gerontology treatment, shouldered important political responsibilities. The cooperation between China Chengtong and Beijing Hospital was not just of economic value, but also of important social value. Zeng Yixin hoped that through the combination of operating and revitalizing assets and rising to and dealing with the challenge of an aging society, the two sides could work together and make contributions to the well-being of the elderly in China via high quality medical-nursing services.

Ma Zhengwu introduced China Chengtong’s history and development and achievements Chengtong has attained since it became the pilot corporation for state-owned capital operation, especially Chengtong’s exploration in health and elderly-caring industry. Ma Zhengwu noted that Chengtong would like to help promote security of China’s medical information and medical resources, enlarge social and economical benefits gained from medical technology and medical products, train talents running elderly-caring service and give full play to the value of medical human capital by injecting state-owned capital and capital operation. Thus, China Chengtong specifically established China Health and Elderly-Caring Group Ltd. aiming at improving the quality of health and elderly-caring service and providing diversified health and elderly-caring services. Ma Zhengwu hoped that, with the support from the National Health and Family Planning Commission, China Chengtong and Beijing Hospital could explore a new cooperation model between central state-owned enterprises and public hospitals.

Wang Jianye briefly introduced Beijing Hospital’s history over the past century. He emphasized that Beijing Hospital enjoyed an irreplaceable status in geracomia in China and was at the leading edge of gerontology-related brand, talents, technology, system and culture. Wang Jianye noted that Beijing Hospital and China Chengtong shared many common grounds and there was a broad prospect for cooperation. Beijing Hospital hoped that it could give full play to its soft power advantage through cooperation with China Chengtong and explore a new path for China’s health and elderly-caring industry by combining methods like capital operation and information technology.

According to the ‘Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement’, China Chengtong and Beijing Hospital would start training talents running elderly-caring nursing service, and deepen collaboration in terms of integration of hospital resources, Internet-based hospital, informationalization of medical resources, combination of medical treatment and nursing, and geriatrics planning and research, in order to make contributions to dealing with the aging of population in China.

Beijing Hospital’s Department of Medical Service leadership, the Group’s President’s Assistant level leadership, head of the Group’s departments, China Health and Elderly-Caring Group leadership, Directors of Anhua Baiyun Holdings Group, Wang Xiaolong and CaoYong attended the signing ceremony.

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