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The Group’s Chairman Ma Zhengwu surveyed Group and CRMC enterprises in Hubei

Office of Board of Directors     2017-05-22         

On May 16 and 17, the Group’s Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman Ma Zhengwu surveyed Group’s enterprises in Hubei province in company with Liao Jiasheng, Chief Accountant of China Railway Materials Company Limited (CRMC) and Sun Bohui, Deputy General Manager of China Logistics Corporation Ltd. (CLC).

On May 16, Ma Zhengwu visited CRMC’s Wuhan Branch, Wufang Company, Zhongtie Yitong and other Group’s Wuhan-based enterprises and was briefed by person in charge of those enterprises on their basic information, existing major problems and development strategies at the next stage.


Ma Zhengwu noted that all companies were running smoothly in terms of operation management. Companies’ Party building work has achieved solid progress, and staff’s confidence on their companies’ realization of transformational upgrading was boosting.

Ma Zhengwu put forward five requirements for the future development of Wuhan-based companies: first, further deepening reform in a comprehensive way, especially emancipating the mind on systematic and mechanical reform to motivate employees and make companies become more adaptive to market needs; second, ‘no waiting, no relying and no demanding’. Every enterprise should take the initiative to play its own advantages to their strengths and vigorously explore ways of regional enterprises’ reform; third, strengthening communication between the upper and lower levels, studying the direction of reform and development in a joint manner and identifying each enterprise’s development orientation on the basis of its actual situation; fourth, resolving issues left over from history, reducing the burden of enterprises and speeding up assets revitalization by taking the opportunity of deepening reform in order to move business forward without any burdens; fifth, continuously strengthening Party building work, fully implementing the requirements of strict party management in order to build up momentum to push forward enterprises’ reform and development.

On May 17, Ma Zhengwu visited CMST Wuhan Jiangbei Company and learned about its production and management and assets adjustment.


Ma Zhengwu was satisfied with Jiangbei Company’s turnaround in profit and stable management of its business and staff. In the meantime, Ma Zhengwu recommended four requirements for CMST Wuhan Company: first, reforming enterprise structure, activating its mechanism and stimulating its energy; second, implementing the Group and CMST Development’s development strategies, properly handling Jiangbei Company’s land storage work, prudently conducting personnel resettlement work and resolutely resolving issues left over from history; third, strengthening safety work and ensuring smooth business operation; fourth, enhancing companies’ Party building work and maintaining the stability of the company and its personnel to safeguard CMST Wuhan Company’s sustainable development.

Ma Zhengwu also surveyed CLC Wuhan Company and visited Wuhan Chengtong Park Warehouse, railway special line, container yard and Wuhan Chengtong Lianzhong Project. Ma Zhengwu was also briefed about the comprehensive operation of both companies.

Ma Zhengwu spoke highly of CLC Wuhan-based companies’ achievements over the past years and also put forward four requirements: first, Wuhan Chengtong must safeguard its main business and focus on development while planning for the future; Wuhan Chengtong Lianzhong should adhere to the principle of ‘carrying out construction by obeying rules and regulations, placing business as the priority in its development’ to ensure that it neglects neither construction nor operation; second, exploring the development model of mixed ownership enterprises, learning from each other and speeding up the study of technology and model to make them suitable to SoE’s operation pattern; third, carrying out unified planning and unifying regional development to make sure the competence of the team matches the size of the assets; enhancing team building work by attracting talents to promote innovation; fourth, enhancing Party building work, especially exploring the method of enhancing Party building work within mixed ownership enterprises in order to guarantee reform.


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