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The Group’s President Zhu Bixin met with Xicheng District Deputy Mayor

The Group’s Headquarter     2017-05-10         

On May 10, the Group’s President Zhu Bixin met with member of Xicheng District Standing Committee and Deputy District Mayor Sun Shuo at the Group’s headquarter. The Group’s Chief Accountant Xu Zhen, Vice-President Li Yousheng and Assistant to the President Zhu Yue attended the meeting.


Zhu Bixin extended his warm welcome to Sun Shuo and the delegation and introduced achievements China Chengtong has attained since it became the pilot corporation for state-owned capital operation in February 2016 and the establishment, investment, operation and management of the China Structural Reform Fund. Zhu Bixin noted that support and assistance from local government play an important role in Chengtong’s development and he hoped that Chengtong could continuously receive guidance and support from Xicheng district to enhance bi-lateral communication, improve mutual understanding and promote development of central government led enterprises, local enterprises and regional economy.


Sun Shuo expressed his congratulations to Chengtong on impressive accomplishments it has achieved over such a short time. Sun Shuo stated that Chengtong was an old friend to Xicheng district, in the meantime, a new partner as well. Relevant departments and sections in Xicheng district would do their utmost to provide good services and offer assistance to Chengtong’s reform and development. Sun Shuo wished Chengtong prosperity in its development in Xicheng district and to play a bigger role in the next round of state-owned capital and state-owned enterprises reform.

Persons in charge of Xicheng district’s Finance Bureau, Development and Reform Commission, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, National Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau, Financial Street Office, Financial Street Holdings Group, General Manager of Chengtong Fund Management Co., Ltd. Wei Ran and heads of Group headquarter’s relevant departments joined the meeting.


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