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The Group’s Chairman Ma Zhengwu surveyed Group and CRM enterprises in Shaanxi

The Group’s Headquarter     2017-05-09         

On May 4 and 5, the Group’s Chairman and Party Committee Secretary Ma Zhengwu surveyed Group and China Railway Materials Company Limited (CRM) enterprises in Shaanxi in company with Dong Yanmin, the General Manager of Shaanxi Business Division of China National Materials Storage and Transportation Corporation (CMST) and Zhang Chenglin, the Executive Director, General Manager and Party Committee Secretary of CRM Xi’an Branch.

On May 4, Ma Zhengwu visited CMST Western Region International Steel Logistics Base located in Lintong Logistics Park in Xi’an city. Ma Zhengwu learned the layout of the park project, its function design and construction progress, was briefed by Dong Yanmin on production and operation of three enterprises in this region and extended his greetings to all staff in Shaanxi.


Ma Zhengwu stated that CMST Shaanxi Business Division performed well on the whole and the park’s planning and quality of construction were fine. He suggested CMST Shaanxi Business Division doing more publicity work about the new base at the Group level in order to promote communication and cooperation within the Group’s enterprises.

Ma Zhengwu recommended five requirements in combination with the Group’s development strategy: first, reform the enterprises’ system and mechanism, release more energy and explore a management model for independent accounting and evaluation of capital investment and operation management; second, carry out the business model innovation to provide wider and bigger space for enterprise’s development; third, exert CMST’s prestige and make proactive efforts; fourth, build up an ‘intelligent team’ with support from the Group; last but not least, enhance the Party building work, innovate refined management and guarantee enterprises’ continuous development.

Ma Zhengwu urged the management team of CMST Shaanxi Business Division and persons in charge of the park construction to attach great importance to safety at work and ensure safe construction and safe production.

On May 4 and 5, Ma Zhengwu visited Licheng Logistics Centre of CRM Xi’an Branch and was briefed about Xi’an Branch’s work.

Zhang Chenglin thoroughly reported the enterprise’s history of development, governance structure, management team construction, business operation and development, the Party building work, main problems and development strategy at the next stage. The management team made some supplementary reports on the settlement of problematic business, financing, exploration of railway construction work, and sub-branches’ business operation.


Ma Zhengwu spoke highly of Xi’an Branch’s work over the past years. He stated that Xi’an Branch was operating in good condition and outstanding debts clearing work has yielded impressive results, in the meantime, the scale of overdue assets has been effectively controlled and a relatively high rate of return on common stockholders’ equity has been achieved, which were hard-earned achievements thanks to Xi’an Branch’s adherence to business and market expansion. When discussing the enterprise’s next-stage transformational development, Ma Zhengwu pointed out that the enterprise needed to clarify its own advantages by accurate positioning itself and market expansion. Firstly, ‘no waiting, no relying and no demanding’. The enterprise should have an in-depth analysis of itself to play its own advantages to their strengths and vigorously advance the enterprise’s reform; secondly, summon strengths to handle concrete affairs and strive for effectiveness in business operation; thirdly, think out of the box and innovate operational mechanism and business models; fourthly, have an in-depth analysis of the current operation situation of the enterprise, actively revitalize assets, make proper stock adjustment and achieve the maximum benefits; fifthly, strengthen the Party building work and implement the combination of Party building work and business operation. Ma Zhengwu encouraged Xi’an Branch to pull together and make bold trials to enhance communication and propose ideas and suggestions on reform plans and direction for further development.

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