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The Group’s President Zhu Bixin met with Vice-Governor of Liaoning province

The Group’s Headquarter      2017-05-05         

On May 3, the Group’s President Zhu Bixin met with Wang Dawei, the Vice-Governor of Liaoning province in Shenyang. Li Jun, Deputy Director of Capital Bureau of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC),Wang Ying, Director of Liaoning Finance Office, Shi Jianxin, Deputy Director of General Office of Liaoning Provincial Government, Gao Ke, Secretary of Panjin Municipal Party Committee, Guo Lun, executive Deputy Mayor of Panjin, the Group’s Chief Accountant Xu Zhen and Vice-President Li Yousheng attended the meeting.


Wang Dawei extended his warm welcome to Zhu Bixin and introduced the social and economic development and state-owned enterprise reform in Liaoning province. Wang Dawei stated that Liaoning was actively promoting the transformation and upgrading of its industrial structure and structure adjustment, aiming to further deepen collaborations with China Chengtong with regard to advancing Liaoning’s transformation, upgrading and revitalization to achieve mutual development. Wang Dawei also noted that Liaoning province would vigorously support and cooperate with Chengtong in its investment projects in Liaoning.

Zhu Bixin introduced the development of China Chengtong and achievements it has attained since Chengtong became the pilot corporation for state-owned capital operation. Zhu Bixin stated that China Chengtong would thoroughly implement the central government’s policy of revitalization of Northeast China old industrial base and carry out strategic cooperation with Panjin city in order to achieve higher level and more profound collaboration in finance, tourism, logistics, state-owned enterprise reform and other areas.

Li Jun stated that it was a great historic mission that the SASAC assigned China Chengtong as the pilot corporation for state-owned capital operation. Li Jun also introduced the operating corporation’s strategic orientation and direction for future development. Li Jun pointed out that Capital Bureau of SASAC would vigorously support Chengtong’s development in Liaoning and hoped that Chengtong could play an important role in state-owned capital operation, cultivation in strategic emerging industries, financial services and capital management in order to support the revitalization of Liaoning’s real economy.

Persons in charge of Liaoning Provincial Finance Office, Panjin SASAC branch and Chengtong Finance Company attended the meeting.


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