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The Group’s President Zhu Bixin met with CITIC President

The Group’s Headquarter     2017-05-05         

On May 4, the Group's President Zhu Bixin met with Wang Jiong, President of China International Trust and Investment Corporation (CITIC) Group Corporation in Beijing. The Group's Vice-President Tong Laiming and CITIC Vice President Cai Xiliang attended the meeting.


Wang Jiong extended his warm welcome to Zhu Bixin and introduced CITIC's business transformation, structure adjustment, restructuring optimization and investment in strategic emerging industries, etc. Wang Jiong noted that CITIC hoped to strengthen cooperation and communication with China Chengtong and the State-owned Enterprise Restructuring Fund to promote mutual development, in the meantime, advancing CITIC's structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading.

Zhu Bixin introduced the development of China Chengtong, achievements it has attained since Chengtong became the pilot corporation for state-owned capital operation and the establishment, investment, operation and management of the State-owned Enterprise Restructuring Fund. Zhu Bixin pointed out that CITIC was a key central government-led conglomerate and has been serving the national strategy in a market-oriented manner at all times. Zhu Bixin hoped that both corporations could strengthen cooperation in areas like modern agriculture, high-end manufacturing, energy conservation and environment protection, and 'Belt and Road' in order to achieve win-win development.

Persons in charge of Chengtong Fund Management Company, CITIC Strategic Department, CITIC Heavy Industries, CITIC Agriculture, CITIC Environment Investment and CITIC Agriculture Fund joined the meeting.


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