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The Group’s President Zhu Bixin Met with Russian Federation Vice Minister of Industry and Trade

The Group’s Headquarter.     2016-12-15         

On Dec. 14th, the Group’s President Zhu Bixin met with Russian Federation Vice Minister of Industry and Trade et. al., and communicated over investment in forestry industry in the Far East of Russia and the construction of paper pulp plant in the State of Khabarovsk. The Group’s Vice President Tong Laiming attended the meeting. 

President Zhu Bixin extended warm welcome to the guests, introduced China Chengtong, pulp paper production of China Paper, and Chengtong International’s investment in the Greenwood project in Russia, and listened carefully to the guest’s introduction to favoring policies, competitiveness and constructing project of the Far East in Russia. Both parties closely exchanged views on investment policy in the Far East of Russia and project competitiveness.  

Both parties identified contacting mechanism for further communication and closer cooperation so as to promote implementations of relative projects based on a win-win basis. 

Deputy Director of Department of Chemical Technology and Wood Processing Industry of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Kermelova, Far East Investment and Development Bureau Manager Boronka, RFP Investment and Development Director Romanovski, the Group’s Strategic Management Department General Manager Dong Zhiguang, Comprehensive Management Department General Manager Huang Wenmin, China Paper Chairman Huang Xin, Chengtong International Deputy General Manager Zhou Liqun attended the meeting. 

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