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Shenzhen Stock Exchange President Wu Lijun Visited the Group

The Group’s Headquarter.     2016-10-26         

On October 24th, the Group’s Chairman Ma Zhengwu and President Zhu Bixin met with Shenzhen Stock Exchange President Wu Lijun et. al. and communicated over a wide range of topics for closer cooperation. 

Ma Zhengwu introduced the functional orientation of China Chengtong as state-owned capital operation company and its new responsibility in state-owned economy distribution and structure adjustment. In the future, China Chengtong will enter in-depth and a wide range of cooperation with Shenzhen Stock Exchange in stock equity management, capital securitization, enterprise reorganization, industry integration, transformation and upgrading of restructuring, and propelling mixed ownership. He hoped that Shenzhen Stock Exchange could provide guidance and give support. 

Wu Lijun introduced Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s development, stating that, as state-owned capital operation pilot, China Chengtong undertakes the significant tasks of the state’s economic structure adjustment. Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s cooperation with China Chengtong has great significance and irradiation effect for capital market to serve the real economy and closer cooperation among center enterprises. 

Zhu Bixin said China Chengtong as a state-owned capital marketization platform has good foundation and potentials of comprehensive cooperation with Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In the future, the cooperation shall strengthen abutting on all levels and in all areas, including strategic study, product innovation, professional training, and talent exchange. 

On the meeting, major department heads from Shenzhen Stock Exchange introduced their main businesses and specified abutting work with the Group.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange Vice President Liu Huiqing, the Group’s Vice President Li Yousheng, Tong Laiming, Xiang Hong, Board Secretary General Miao Qinghua and persons in charge of Financial Department and Stock Equity Management attended the meeting. 

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