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The Group’s Chairman Ma Zhengwu Met with Galp Energia CEO Carlos Gomes da Silva

The Group’s Headquarter.     2016-10-21         

On Oct. 19th, the Group’s Chairman Ma Zhengwu met with Galp Energia CEO Carlos Gomes da Silva at the Group’s Headquarter. 

Ma Zhengwu extended warm welcome to the visitors and introduced the positive significance of China Chengtong’s engagement in the market-oriented reform of Sinopec International Exploration and Production Corporation, its current intensified reform, and its strategy to explore gas and oil resources in the low oil price environment. Gomes da Silva thanked Chairman Ma Zhengwu for sparing time for the meeting and introduced the history and present status quo of Galp Energia, Portugal’s largest oil and gas energy group. 

Discussions are focused on increasing investment in Portugal’s oil and gas industry and optimizing the management system of the joint venture. Both parties expressed the wish to expand the cooperation based on the excellent foundation set up in the early period of cooperation so as to achieve win-win development. 

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