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Chairman Ma Zhengwu Met with Russian Presidential Consultant and Academy of Sciences Academician Glazeyev

the Group’s Headquarter.     2016-11-04         

On the afternoon of Nov. 2nd, the Group’s Chairman Ma Zhengwu met with the Economic Integration Adviser to Russian President and Academician of the Academy of Sciences Glazeyev et. al. 

Chairman Ma Zhengwu first extended warm welcome to Glazeyev et.al. and expressed appreciation and gratitude for his contribution to the development of China-Russia economic and trade relations over the years and the support to China Chengtong’s investment in Russia. Ma Zhengwu said that China and Russia should explore the orientation and field of innovation in economic and trade cooperation and promote pragmatic cooperation under the background of "One Belt, One Road” and the Eurasian Economic Union.

Glazeyev spoke highly of the important contributions made by China Chengtong to the development of Sino-Russian investment and trade. He said that conditions had been ripe for starting up the China-Russia rapid customs clearance project, and the project operation model can be replicated across China and Russia in future trades. The two parties closely exchanged views and reached broad consensus on Sino-Russian financial investment fund cooperation, energy and forestry pulp trade, accelerating the implementation of Sino-Russian rapid customs clearance project, Russian grain export to China, and Russian railway construction material supplies.

Economic Committee Member of Russian President, Eurasian Integration Research Center’s Local Leapfrog Development Strategy Research Project Director, Assistant General Manager of China Chengtong International Investment Co., Ltd. Li Songxu, and Assistant to President of China Railway Materials Co., Ltd. Du Bo attended the meeting.

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