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Chairman Ma Zhengwu Attended the 3rd Dameisha Innovation Forum and Gave a Keynote Speech

The Group’s Headquarter.      2016-11-08         

On Nov. 5th, Chairman Ma Zhengwu attended the 3rd Dameisha Innovation Forum upon invitation and gave a keynote speech entitled "Enhancing SOE Reform Vigor" at the sub-forum on the theme of SOE reform and development.

Ma Zhengwu pointed out on the speech that the progress and success of SOE reform depend on the vitality of SOEs. The market-oriented reform of SOEs aims to form a new production relationship and liberate the productive forces by way of system, mechanism and persistence to release, stimulate and maintain the vitality of SOEs. Ma Zhengwu said as a pilot state-owned capital operation company, China Chengtong is speeding up the pace of reorganization, the establishment of state-owned capital operation and management system, and the capitalization of state-owned assets to optimize the state-owned capital allocation structure, strive to become the "liberated region" for the invested enterprises, promote the reform of the invested enterprises, stimulate, protect and enhance the vitality of the invested enterprises.

The 3rd Dameisha Forum was held in Shenzhen on Nov.4th-5th. The theme of this forum is "Innovation and the 13th Five Year Plan", and it includes seven sub-forums covering themes of Reform in China, SOE Reform and Development. Dameisha Forum was founded and sponsored by Shenzhen Institute of Innovation and Development. More than 100 influential academic elites in politics and businesses from home and abroad are invited every year to discuss forward-looking and strategic issues of China's reform and innovation and provide wisdom and reference for decision making in the modernization of state governance.

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