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Chairman Ma Zhengwu Attend Opening Ceremony of "100 Cities, 1 Platform" Global Recruitment 2016 for Returnee Talents

The Group’s Headquarter.     2016-11-29         

On Nov. 26th, the "100 Cities, 1 Platform" Global Recruitment 2016 for returnee talents was opened in Beijing. Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and President of Western Returned Scholars Association and Chinese Students Overseas-Educated Scholars Association Chen Zhu and Vice President of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee Dai Junliang attended the opening ceremony and had video dialogues with overseas students. China Chengtong’s Chairman Ma Zhengwu attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Chengtong Human Resources’ General Manager Xiao Yin attended the opening ceremony. The recruitment was sponsored by of Western Returned Scholars Association and Chinese Students Overseas-Educated Scholars Association and organized by Chengtong Human Resources Company.

On the opening ceremony, Ma Zhengwu expressed sincere gratitude and sent sincere greetings to the participants of the opening ceremony, overseas students unions and the overseas students. He pointed out that Chengtong Human Resources Company joined hands with Western Returned Scholars Association to forge the brand of “Recruitment for Returnee Talents” that aims at international influence. It started from “1 City Recruitment” to “10-City Interaction” and comes into the current “100 City, 1 Platform”. It develops from a simple recruitment to a combination of recruitment both on site and via internet and an "Internet Service Platform for International Talents" has begun to take shape after launching the human resources website of the Western Returned Scholars Association. 

(Chairman Ma Zhengwu accompanied the leaders to inspect the recruitment)

Ma Zhengwu stressed that in order to further implement the spirit stated by Secretary General Xi Jinping on the 100th anniversary ceremony for the establishment of the Western Returned Scholars Association so that overseas students could have their talents on the full play both at home and abroad, the main recruitment set up special programs for “Central Enterprise Recruitment” and “Talents of Innovation and Start-ups” and sub-venues were arranged in over 100 cities across the world to serve overseas students. 

Ma Zhengwu pointed out that China Chengtong had established the largest domestic private equity fund since its being identified by SASAC as a pilot company of state-owned capital operation to serve the adjustment for state-owned economic structure and industrial restructure. In the future, China Chengtong will serve the national strategy and "One Belt, One Road" strategy, and plan to build an comprehensive platform for international talents based on the Internet, large data, and cloud computing, to broaden domestic channels of sourcing talents and provide "going-out" enterprises with overseas student talents, so that more overseas students can participate in the economic construction of the motherland. Ma Zhengwu sent an invitation to welcome overseas students to contribute to the national economic construction and the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the nation on behalf of China Chengtong. 

Database of “100 Cities, 1 Platform” Returnee Talents Recruitment 

The current "100 Cities, 1 Platform" returnees recruitment set up 128 sub-venues across China, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Russia, Japan, and Australia. 29 large-scale enterprises including CECIC, CRBC, China Grand Enterprises, BOE, BOBO, and CloudMinds participated in the event, providing 378 high-end positions and dispatching about 1,000 people to the venue. Themed website released over 5,000 positions and the page view is expected to exceed 200,000.

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