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The Group Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with China Academy of Building Research

The Group’s Headquarter     2016-12-13         

On Dec. 13th, the signing ceremony of agreement on strategic cooperation between China Chengtong Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviated hereafter as "China Chengtong") and China Academy of Building Research (abbreviated hereafter as "Building Academy") was held in Beijing. Chengtong Chairman Ma Zhengwu, President Zhu Bixin, Building Academy President Wang Jun, and Party Secretary Li Hongfeng were present, witnessing the signing ceremony. The Group’s Vice President Li Yousheng and Building Academy Vice President Li Jun signed the agreement on behalf of the respective parties. The Group’s Deputy Party Secretary Shan Zhongli, Vice President Qi Kaiming, Tong Laiming, Xiang Hong, Discipline Inspection Committee Secretary Zhang Xianghong, Building Academy Deputy Party Secretary Ma Jianping, Accountant General Tang Hong, Deputy President Xu Jiefeng, Wang Qingqin, and Fan Shengquan were present on the ceremony.

President Ma Zhengwu (left) and President Wang Jun (right) exchanged views.

Before the signing ceremony, the two parties exchanges views on work. Ma Zhengwu said that this was the first strategic cooperation of a capital operation company and a central enterprise of the scientific research kind, and China Chengtong attached great importance to it. Scientific research enterprises have intangible assets such as high-quality intellectual property, while capital operation companies have tangible assets and capital tools, which makes a very good basis for cooperation between the two. He hoped to help the Building Academy to achieve new and greater development with services provided by the capital operation company. Ma also suggested making joint efforts to explore the new “Capital-Technology-Innovation” mode of operation for state-owned capital, and promote the SOE structural adjustment in order to preserve and increase the value of state-owned assets.

Wang Jun said that the two parties are highly complementary and have great potentials for cooperation. This strategic cooperation provides a broader platform for the development of the Building Academy. It will effectively promote the incubation and transformation of scientific research fruits and give full play to the advantages of technological innovation of the Building Academy. He hoped that the two parties will take the signing of the agreement as a starting point, give full play to one another’s respective advantages, and further strengthen cooperation in the fields of real estate investment, health and senior citizen services, financial investment, green buildings, and modern logistics by constantly probing innovative ways to achieve win-win development. With joint efforts, we will expect to create a model for state-owned capital operation and reform of scientific research enterprises.

Vice President Li Yousheng and Vice President Li Jun signed the agreement on behalf of respective parties

Under the agreement, the two parties will develop strategic cooperation in real estate investment, health and senior citizen services, and financial investment, and will further explore and carry out other areas of cooperation to strengthen resource sharing and complement one another with respective advantages. For projects with ripe conditions, agreements will be signed as soon as possible so as to have them implemented.

Both agreed to establish a mechanism of annual meetings among senior leaders to timely exchange business information and cooperation progress, and coordinate and promote the cooperation. Both also specified effective daily communication mechanism between the counterparts of one another’s business divisions or affiliated enterprises to strengthen business exchanges and push forward projects.

China Chengtong’s Board Office Director Zeng Xiangzhan, President Office Director Zhu Xiaozheng, Strategic Management Department Director Dong Zhiguang, Building Academy Enterprise Development Division Director Gong Jianfei, and Office Director Zhao Shaoli attended the signing ceremony.

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