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Structure Adjustment Fund Complete Investment in China Securities

The Group’s Headquarter     2016-12-13         

On Dec. 12th, China SOE Structure Adjustment Fund Co., Ltd. (“Structure Adjustment Fund”) completed investment as a cornerstone investor for China Securities Co., Ltd.’s (“China Securities”) IPO in Hong Kong Stock market. Structure Adjustment Fund invested a total amount of 100 million USD for this round and becomes the 2nd largest cornerstone investor, just following the CITIC Group.

Established in 2005, China Securities is a leading comprehensive investment bank with 225 securities divisions and 20 futures divisions across China, qualified for a whole set of businesses and leading all business indexes in the industry. Its four major affiliated companies cover businesses from futures, direct investment and fund to international businesses. By June, 2016, China Securities’ assets totaled 175.2 billion CNY with 32.7 billion CNY net assets. In the first half of 2016, it realized an income of 8.6 billion CNY, with 2.8 billion CNY net profits. It is one of the only three securities companies in the industry that have been classified as the top AAA companies for consecutive seven years.

On Dec. 9th, China Securities was listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange and its stock code is 6066. A total of 7.097 billion HKDs had been raised for the IPO this time. The investment will mainly go to wealth management, transaction and institutional client service, and investment management, and will be used to expand sales network, improve internet operation platforms, and improve investment and market making capabilities.

As a significant investor and partner, Structure Adjustment Fund will be dedicated to comprehensive cooperation with China Securities after completing its cornerstone investment in order to benefit together with the invested.

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