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The Group’s Leaders Made Surveys on Chengtong Fund Management Company

The Group’s Headquarter     2016-12-05         

On December 2nd, the Group’s president Zhu Bixin, deputy Party secretary Shan Zhongli, vice president Qi Kaiming, Li Yousheng, Tong Laiming, and Xiang Hong visited Chengtong Fund Management Company for survey. The Group’s assistant leaders from the headquarter and department heads were present.

During the meeting, the Group’s leaders carefully listened to the Fund ,Management Company GM Wei Ran’s report on the work since the company’s foundation, recent development in investment, internal construction, reform and development ideas and budget in 2017. The Group’s leaders specified requirements on the future development of the Fund and communicated with the fund management companys’s management team over fund investment strategy, risk control, and performance incentives. 

Zhu Bixin spoke highly of the achievement of the fund management company since its establishment. He pointed out it was necessary to further enhance the understanding of the mission of the SOE Structural Adjustment Fund, accurately grasp the spirits in "government’s guidance, enterprise’s investment, market-oriented operation, and professional management". It shall not only play a key role in helping state-owned enterprise in structural adjustment, but also protect the interests of investors. We should always adhere to the principle of marketization and specialization, and establish control mechanisms of highest standard, with zero tolerance for risk to prevent risk. Zhu Bixin stressed that the fund management company must focus on enhancing capabilities in research, project exploration and development, investment risk control, investment program design, investment and cooperation negotiation, investment decision-making, post-investment management, and investment withdrawal. Meanwhile, we must strengthen Part

During the meeting, the Group’s leaders awarded 6 employees with trophies for their excellent performance in preparation of China's State-owned Enterprise structural Adjustment Fund and took pictures with them.

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