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Chairman Ma Met with Belgian Antwerp Provincial Governor Berx and Belgian Ambassador Malherbe in China

The Group’s Headquarter     2015-10-21         

On Oct. 16th, Chairman Ma Zhengwu met with Belgian Antwerp provincial governor Cathy Berx and Belgian Ambassador in China Michel Malherbe, and discussed over issues concerning China Logistics Co. Ltd.’s plan to construct China-Europe International Trade & Logistics Center in Antwerp.

Chairman Ma extended warm welcome to the provincial governor and the ambassador in China, and said in order to answer the national call of “One Belt, One Road” strategy and in line with its own development, China Chengtong planned to launch a project of China-Europe Trade & Logistics Center that would combine the functions of logistics hub, port-surrounding processing and demonstration trade with the aid of ocean shipping and railway transportation to promote trade between China and Europe. He also introduced China’s largest commercial investment project in Russia, the 350 million US dollar Greenwood International Trade Center that is dedicated to a public service platform for trade cooperation and cultural exchange between China and Russia. Antwerp provincial governor Berx expressed gratitude towards Chairman Ma for the warm receive and said Antwerp attached great importance to China Chengtong’s China-Europe project. China Logistics Co. Ltd. as the executor of the project did a great deal of work, which strengthened the confidence of Antwerp provincial government and the Antwerp Port Bureau. She stressed that Antwerp was not only the center of Europe but also the transferring platform and bridge/belt to Africa.

Before the governor’s speech, China Logistics Co. Ltd. Chairman Liang Weihua discussed with governor Berx and Ambassador Malherbe on the central European project. Liang introduced the company development, businesses, and the positioning, social benefits as well as current achievements of this project between China and Europe. The feasibility study of this project is worked on with Beijing Jiaotong University and will be handed to the board of Antwerp Port Bureau as soon as possible. He also hoped that this project could win more attention from governor Berx, Ambassador Malherbe, Port Bureau representative Jan van der Borght, and Antwerp Zuidnatie Logistics’s CEO Marcel Dubourg.

Ambassador Malherbe said Belgium and China are now on the best terms diplomatically and the embassy would provide overall services to promote the project. Commercial Councilor Peter Christiaen said Flanders region of Belgium would provide preferential policy to support the project launch. Marcel Dubourg said Zuidnatie Logistics would strengthen communication with Antwerp government and Antwerp Port Bureau to push forward the project and solidify the partnership.

Antwerp deputy governor, head of economy and agriculture department, consultant of economic and international department, the senior commercial manager of Zuidnatie Logistics Marc Van Aken, China Chengtong Strategic Center’s director Tang Jianzhou, Chengdu Huasheng Group’s chairman Wu Wenqian, deputy president Jiao Jian, Investment Operation director Zhao Xun, China Logistics Co. Ltd.’s deputy general manager Sun Bohui, Chen Shuzhen and persons in charge of the China-Europe project Jiang Daisen were present on the activities above.

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