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The Group and BoC Hong Kong Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement

The Group’s Headquarter     2015-08-19         

    On Aug. 14th, the Group and Bank of China (Hong Kong) Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hong Kong. The Group’s chairman Ma Zhengwu, general accountant Xu Zhen, vice president Li Yousheng, Tong Laiming, deputy general accountant Wang Youqian, BoC Hong Kong president Ye Yi, vice president Lin Jingzhen, chairman of Hongda Co. Ltd. Lv Ming, general manager Xie Zhixiong, relevant crew from the Chengtong Finance, Chengtong Development and departments from BoC Hong Kong amounting to 30 were present on the signing ceremony.

    Chairman Ma pointed out that, as a pilot assets management unit under SASAC, China Chengtong had been accelerating assets integration and securitization and strengthening assets management and operation with the blue print of a state-owned assets investment and operation corporation. He said that China Chongtong will actively carry out the “One Belt, One Road” strategy and gear up the Go-Out strategy implementations. The cooperation with BoC Hong Kong and Hongda Co. Ltd. is significant for pushing forward the strategy.

    President Yue congratulated on the achievements made by China Chengtong over the past years and thought to have great potential in the cooperation with China Chengtong. He said that the three parties will definitely make fruitful results with joint efforts in the three years to come.

    According to the agreement, the parties will cooperate to develop cross-border CNY concentration operation and cross-border assets trusteeship businesses, providing “One Belt, One Road” projects and overseas projects with supplementary investment and financing services, including financial products such as credit line, cash management, interest rate risk management, etc. The signed strategic cooperation agreement will help to promote establishment of first rate, competitive and sustainable enterprises of global distribution and professionalized operation under the backdrop of SASAC’s intensified reforms.

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