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Commercial Minister Wang Shouwen Inspected Greenwood

The Group’s Headquarter     2015-07-10         

    On July 8th, Commercial Minister Wang Shouwen visited China’s largest overseas commercial investment, Greenwood International Trade Center in Moscow. Chengtong International discipline inspection secretary, Greenwood executive general manager Yang Haiyi accompanied the visitors to the park and the exhibition center, introducing in detail the development, operation, e-commerce, overseas storage preparation and construction and the second phase planning of the Greenwood project.

    Vice Minister Wang inspected the lands for the second phase of the Greenwood project and spoke highly of the Greenwood development and its functions as in promoting trade between China and Russia, increasing trade volume, and standardizing trade order. He admitted that the fast development of Greenwood was not easy and said the platform should be fully used of to extend businesses. The state’s documents over cross-border e-commerce indicated launching 100 overseas storage supporting projects. Greenwood shall capture this opportunity and can turn to Commercial Councilor’s Office of the Embassy and Ministry of Commerce for help. Ministry of Commerce would continue its support to Greenwood.

    Vice Minister Wang also visited some Chinese enterprises in the park, including ICBC’s Greenwood office, Sany Heavy Instustry and Zoomlion registered in the park, and met with Zoomlion’s Great Russia persons in charge Li Qi, enquiring in detail about the development and challenges of Chinese engineering machinery enterprises in Russia. He stated that the economic slowdown of Russia was temporary. He hoped that the Chinese enterprises could capture the strategic opportunity of “One Belt, One Road” to quicken their development. He said that Commercial Ministry and Commercial Council’s Office of China’s Embassy in Russia would continue supporting Chinese enterprises to go out and solving problems for Chinese enterprises.

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