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State Council SASAC Vice Deputy Secretary General Peng Huagang Inspected the Group

The Group’s Headquarter     2015-06-05         

    On June 3rd, vice secretary general of SASAC under the State Council Peng Huagang visited the Group and investigated on the reform issues required by SASAC. Chairman Ma Zhengwu presided over the report meeting and deputy president Li Yousheng was present.

    Chairman Ma introduced recent reform and development of the Group and elaborated on the Group’s probes and practices in assets management and capital management. He also exchanged thoughts on SASAC’s reform.

    Vice secretary general Peng Huagang pointed out that China Chengtong had practices, probes, thoughts and conclusions on managing assets and intensifying reform, providing many a good policy suggestion to the SOE reform team and SASAC under the State Council. He hoped that the Group could capture the opportunity and play a more active role in SASAC’s SOE reform.

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