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Chairman Ma Zhengwu Spoke on SASAC’s Legal Work Forum

The Group’s Headquarter     2015-05-26         

    On May 22nd, chairman Ma Zhengwu attended SASAC’s Legal Work Forum and made a speech entitled “Administer Legally, Release Vitality, Grasp Key-issues, Improve Capability”. The forum is held under the backdrop of implementing overall legal administration. SASAC’s director and Party secretary Zhang Yi attended the forum and made an important speech. 30 central enterprises and 10 persons in charge of provincial SASAC, persons in charge of department and office of SASAC and associations directly under SASAC attended the forum.

    Chairman Ma’s speech focused on legal administration and the “significant minority”, gave a conclusion on the legal work of the Group in terms of vitality released by legal administration and value created by transparency, raised the legal administration as core capability and strengthened the capability enhancement of the “minority” in order to build Chengtong into the first rate enterprise of legal administration and management worldwide.

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