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President Hong Shuikun Attended Hainan-Central Enterprises Forum and Investigated Guanhua High-tech

The Group’s Headquarter     2015-05-18         

    On May 14th-15th, the Group’s president Hong Shuikun attended the forum to intensify strategic cooperation between Hainan province and central enterprises and inspected Guanhua High-tech Co. Ltd. in Guangdong province.

    In order to intensify the cooperation between the central enterprises and Hainan province under the backdrop of New Normal, new strategy and new opportunity,and to better promote Hainan’s establishment as international tourist island, the Forum to Intensify Strategic Cooperation between Hainan and central enterprises was held on May 15th. The Group’s president Hong attended the forum on invitation and communicated with Hainan provincial and Sanya municipal officials over Huandao Group’s investment and project construction.

    On the 14th, president Hong visited Guanhua High-tech’s specialty paper base on Donghai Island, Zhanjiang, and inspected on site workshops of papermaking and coating, as well as the enterprise exhibition hall, enquiring into details on specialty paper base construction and cabon-free paper, thermal paper, adhesive sticker paper making.

    President Hong listened to Guanhua High-tech deputy chairman and general manager Huang Yangxu and the managing team’s work report. Huang focused the report on the enterprise’s strategy planning, stating that the enterprise would like to extend its business to downstream industries and comprehensive energy resources utilization projects while reinforcing its main business of specialty paper, and hoping to obtain the Group’s strong support, coordination and promotion. Huang also raised the suggestion of promoting regional integration and optimization of China Paper.

    Hong commented that Huanhua High-tech’s efforts did not let down the industry nor the market capital with its steadfast operation and active profit return to its owners and that the enterprise established a positive image in society, after he listened to the work reports. Hong pointed out that the Group had been striving for a pilot of the state-owned capital operation, so its businesses are required of a more lucid definition on character and strategic boundary and of good achievements to support the Group’s Strategy. Currently, paper business takes up 60% of the Group’s total business and the development of Guanhua High-tech acquired sufficient care and concern from the entire Group. The successful development of Guanhua High-tech in the past few years was first attributed to the good lead with a national and international vision, who stood in Zhanjiang but planned for the entire market. This was how it won the respect from its strong competitors including the Japanese RICOH and Oji Paper. Secondly, the enterprise continued its reform and innovative efforts to meet the market demands and constantly raised product quality. Thirdly, a multiple of resources were successfully integrated on Guanhua High-tech’s platform and by balancing integral interest, co-development had formed. Hong pointed out that due to the expected high value that Donghai Island specialty paper base would bring about, the enterprise should carefully plan and fully exploit. As for the comprehensive energy resources utilization project, further discern and research should be carried out to take a rational option.

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