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Chairman Ma Zhengwu Attended Anji Logistics Park Signing Ceremony

集团总部     2014-06-26         

On June 18, the Group’s chairman Ma Zhengwu attended the signing ceremony for “China Logistics Zhejiang (Anji) Logistics Park Project” held by China Logistics Co. Ltd. and Zhejiang Anji county government. Former deputy president of Zhengjiang CPPCC Wang Yudi were invited to the ceremony and had a friendly conversation with the Group’s chairman Ma. Chairman of China Logistics Liang Weihua and Anji county administrator Wang Shu signed on behalf of both parties.


Chairman Liang briefly introduced the cooperation backdrop and investment plans of this project and spoke highly of Anji’s geographical significance at the center of Yangtse river delta economic area and its location in northwesten Zhejiang city economic area, constituting an important condition to develop modern logistics. This project meets logistics demands of northern Zhejiang province, and is an important one to realize the company’s strategic deployment. China Logistics will integrate its deployment into that of the country along the Yangtse river area, actively following the State Council’s strategy of building “Yangtse river economic belt” through launching port logistics base in Anji country at the lower reach of the Yangtse river. The base will set up a platform for e-commerce exhibition and dealing, as well as for public logistics information, providing financial logistics and headquarter account settlement services. It aims at a model logistics project of high quality. Liang expressed gratitude and wishes for all levels of government’s continuing support and hoped that this project could bring benefits to local economy and society as soon as possible.

Chairman Ma delivered a passionate speech. He thanked deputy director Wang, Huzhou’s deputy mayor Li and Anji county’s Party secretary Shan for their leading the Anji government to attaching great importance to the cooperation. Along with intensified central enterprise reform and the country’s comprehensive adjustment to industrial structure, Chengtong clung closely to the country’s strategy and make great efforts in major business transformation and reform. China Logistics actively innovates with mixed ownership system. It not only constitutes a vigorous part of the Group’s comprehensive logistics business, but also forms its competitiveness with its special transportation lines. The Anji logistics investment project shall make the best of our professionalized advantages, base on the functional design of the government’s relevant planning, and strive for a demonstration project, providing qualified modern logistics services and bringing more growth to local economy.

Huzhou’s deputy mayor Li Jianping and Anji county’s Party secretary Shan Mianyan made speeches respectively. They welcomed and thanked China Chengtong and China Logistics for the support to Huzhou and Anji’s economic construction and hoped that “China Logistics Zhejiang (Anji) Logistics Park Project” could promote integration of modern logistics, manufacture and commerce in Anji county and could play a positive role in accelerating economic development and enhancing competitiveness of Huzhou and Anji. The government of Huzhou and Anji will fully support China Logistics’s investment and development and will provide the most benefiting policy and high quality investment environment for project development and canvassing.

China Logistics deputy president Sun Bohui, Zhejiang Civilian Blasting company chairman Chen Yijun, Anji county’s NPC director Liang Weimin, CPPCC director  Ye Haizhen, county’s deputy Party secretary Lu Weimin, member of county’s standing committee Yue Yejun, county’s NPC deputy director Sun Song, county’s deputy administrator Xian Hongwen were present in the activities above.


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