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The Group’s President Hong Shuikun Inspected Logistics Enterprises in Shandong Province

集团总部     2014-06-13         

On June 9th-11th, the Group’s president Hong SHuikun led a delegation to Zibo, Linyi, and Qingdao, inspecting illustrious logistics enterprises and exchange ideas on transformation and upgrading of logistics enterprises.

President Hong and the deputy visited a most important petrochemical engineering base in Zibo, investigated on Zhengben Logistics Co. Ltd specializing in hazardous chemical substance logistics and their “baby-sitter like logistics service” system in detail. Wholesale markets are densely scattered in Linyi. The delegation visited the country’s biggest wholesale market compound “China Linyi Commodity Center”and Linyi Jinlan modern logistics base, and communicated with the local large-scale comprehensive logistics enterprise Li Chen Logistics Co. Ltd. on controlling risks of supply chain service, impawning supervision and agent procurement. The delegation visited the sites of Dongjiakou harbor district in Qingdao and Qingdao Zhonggang Storage Co. Ltd. bonded warehouse, exchanging ideas on business model innovation, industrial cooperation and industry developing environment construction. The inspection stressed the new situation and new challenges under a new economy. It also helped to learn about the new commercial activities and new trends, as well as good experience in strategic layout, business innovation, risk control and talent training from outstanding logistics enterprise.

Hong and the delegation also made an investigation on basic-level business operation in Qingdao branch of China Storage Co. Ltd. and listened to reports on further development. Hong approved Qingdao branch of its steady business development and organized management and operation after adjustment to the leading team. He also pointed that the national strategic opportunity to develop modern logistics should be grasped and transforming and upgrading logistics enterprises should be accelerated. The company shall focus its major business, thoroughly study the industry, and intensify its work to reach the goal of professionalization, socialization and internationalization. The managing team shall be alert to markets, actively capture opportunities, intensify organization and operation, increase value creation capability and win itself more developing room in the competition.

Hong also pointed out that the company should not only control risks strictly, but also dare to probe and innovate facing current challenges in operation. We shall learn to rein risks, but we shall not refrained by it. We shall explore in spite of potential failures, instead of “giving up food due to choking”. Faced with the increasing risks of customer defaults, we need to think over the procedure and find ways to control risks, by e.g. selecting customer strictly and managing customer credits. On the same time, we need to capture the developing opportunity to explore markets and build up our own “critical skills” in the increasingly transparent competition.


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