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Chairman Ma’s Article Published in People’s Daily

集团总部     2014-05-21         

On May 21st, People’s Daily published the Group’s chairman Ma Zhengwu’s article entitled “Practice the Party’s Mass Line and Serve SASAC’s Overall Situation”. Here is the entire article:

The Party’s Mass Line Campaign is not only a significant measure to draw close the Party-Mass relationship and to promote development, but also a significant opportunity to deepen SASAC’s reform. As a pilot enterprise of SASAC’s state-owned assets management companies, China Chengtong Holding Group Co. Ltd. (hereafter “China Chengtong”) takes the opportunity of carrying out the Party’s Mass Line campaign, implements the spirit of 18thCPC National Congress and that of its 3rdplenary session, allows full play of the platform’s state-owned assets operation function, and strives to contribute to state-owned assets deployment adjustment and SASAC’s SOE reform.

Significance of state-owned assets operation is deeply understood

China Chengtong continues placing the state-owned assets operation to the top concern and constantly strengthens understanding the significance of the state-owned assets operation.

It matters consolidating the ruling foundation and ruling status of the CPC. The decision of 18thCPC National Congress stressed “to play the leading role of state-owned economy and constantly enhance the vitality, controllability and influence of the state-owned economy”. Therefore, the state-owned economy structure shall be optimized strategically. As an important measure to restructure the state-owned economy, state-owned assets operation will help to maintain and increase the value of the state-owned assets, play the leading role of the state-owned economy, control the lifeline of the national economy, and hence to consolidate the ruling foundation and status of the Party.

It matters implementing corporate missions and improve corporate competitiveness. Since June, 2005 when listed among the first batch of SASAC’s state-owned assets operation pilot enterprises, China Chengtong has completed several significant assets operation projects assigned by SASAC and has become a significant platform for structural adjustment and strategic reorganization of central enterprises. It plays a key role to serve SASAC’s SOE reform. Looking ahead, China Chengtong must attach even greater importance to state-owned assets operation and by taking its unique advantage in state-owned assets operation, fight for its own space in the increasingly challenging market.

Fully grasp the new opportunity of the state-owned assets operation

The 3rdplenary session of the CPC’s National Congress made a top-level design of SASAC reform and provides an unprecedented opportunity to carry out state-owned assets operation. We must comprehensively grasp the opportunity, win the initiative and obtain preponderance.

State-owned assets operation pilot companies accumulate experience on state-owned assets operation. Since2005 when the pilot work started, China Chengtong has realized to maintain and increase state-owned assets for 12 batches of enterprises, amongst which 6 are central enterprises and 13 direct affiliates of central enterprises. It not only promoted corporate development and social stability, but also displayed a unique function of providing a platform restructuring state-owned economy. Meanwhile, the work accumulated valuable experience on state-owned assets operation.


The Party’s Mass Line Campaign prepares a team for state-owned assets operation. The state-owned assets operation work mainly focused on assets of central enterprises in supplementary industries that endured long-run loss or long-term trouble. Coordination of all sides is required and it is highly demanding for the working team. China Chengtong firmly grasped the opportunity of Mass Line Campaign, and stressed to enhance working capability of all level of leaders. The goal of the campaign is enabling leaders to “increase strength, be responsible and in good work condition”. The campaign corrected the negative working style and behaviors of all levels of leaders in the Group and injected entirely new positive spirits into the leading team.

Deepened and comprehensive reforms set up a clear orientation and provide sufficient room for state-owned assets operation. The decision of 3rdplenary session of 18th’s CPC national congress points out the way for state-owned assets management and further SOE reform. It also provides a good opportunity and a beneficial environment to deepen state-owned assets operation and management. It means a greater opportunity and room for China Chengtong’s development.

Strive for a new stage of the state-owned assets operation

Faced with developing opportunities and heavy tasks, we must carry out the Mass Line Campaign in a deep-going way, enable leaders to further correct their working style and improve leadership capability to bring the state-owned assets operation up to a new stage.

Draw wisdom and strength from the staff. After a new road map and time table for SASAC’s SOE reform, the new situation and new tasks set us to think calmly over questions like our self-positioning, the specialty of central enterprises, how to reveal ourselves in the national economy, how to dig out our potentials and increase competitiveness, etc. It is only to give full play of the staff’s initiatives, wisdom and strength can we have good answers to those questions; can we make good use of the special advantage of the assets operation platform we claim; and can we build China Chengtong’s core competitiveness.

Insisting on the Party’s Mass Line as our work method and custom

China Chengtong’s development in the past 20 years is a fruit combining leadership of all levels and efforts of the whole staff. In the future, we still need to implement the Mass Line policy. It is a matter-of-fact the core competitiveness of China Chengtong. Therefore, we need to accustom ourselves to practicing the Mass Line Campaign as a work method, in order to enhance our work capability and competitiveness, making it the drive for a new stage of state-owned assets management.

Constantly enhance the Mass’s working capability. The increasingly complex working environment, object and demands of the staff require constant improvement of working capability. To meet the demands, we must, on the one hand, integrate the experience accumulated in the long-term mass work and the innovation based on the new reality; on the other hand, we must examine deeply the reality and give appropriate solutions. Especially when handling on-site urgent situations, we must be good at grasping the best opportunity to nip the problems in the bud and dare to carry more responsibility. Besides, we must also further enhance the capability of leaders and build an excellent leading team for state-owned assets operation and management.


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