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The Group’s Meeting on Analysis of Operation in Q1 Held

集团总部     2014-04-17         

On Apr.15th, themeeting of analyzing the Group’s operation in the first quarter was heldat the headquarter. Chairman Ma Zhengwu was present. President Hong Shuikun presided over the meeting and made a speech.  

During the meeting, the chief accountant Xu Zhen reported comprehensively on the Group’s implementation of the budget in Q1 and presented the Group’s operational status and secondary enterprises’ implementation of the budget and their operational performance. Leaders of all companies were required to take practical measures to meet the SASAC’s requirements by all means.

 “The Suggestions on Quickening to Deal with Low-efficient Enterprises” was announced and all enterprises were required to focus on the work of reducing deficits and getting rid of deficits and to complete the annual tasks of clearing up the low-efficient assets. China Paper’s Party committee secretary Hong Jun, China Package’s general manager Zong Jian reported on the work plan of clearing up low-efficient assets respectively.

The Group’s president Hong Shuikun pointed out that the Group had been striving to seek developing opportunities ever since the third plenary session of the 18thParty Congress, and had made positive progresses. The “double-pilot” work received great attentions from many aspects. SASAC’s deputy director Meng Jianmin, the 5thbureau of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, Advisory Office of the State Council, Ministry of Finance visited and made investigations on the Group respectively, which showed the significance attached to the Group’s intensifying the reform. We won the current situation mainly because of the theoretical and practical preparation we did in the past years. This showed that the practices and experience took by the Group in assets management and board standardization conformed with SASAC’s requirement made on the third plenary session of the 18thParty Congress. Hong said this was a brilliant opportunity for development and the entire Group were full of hope. He stressed:

First, all business sections should support the Group’s work by accelerating operation improvement and increasing main business benefits. A new round of state-owned company reform raised new challenges of market adaptability to enterprises. In order to capture the opportunity of comprehensive reform, the Group should echo and reinforce with its own work. Professional managers should pursue benefits in enterprise management. The management must be adapted to the changing macroscopic situation. The entrepreneur spirit of central enterprise leaders is reflected in tackling problems of the enterprises on the way of development. The entrepreneur spirit, awareness of mission and sense of responsibility represent not only economic responsibility but also political responsibility. 

Second, the trend should be given great significance. All enterprises should actively face it, investigating, analyzing and anatomizing and should be determined to improve.

Third, the SASAC’s spirits should be carefully implemented. We should have strict examining and assessing system. As the leaders of central enterprises, we should take the political commission and have overall consciousness. We should carefully reduce the cost and raise the efficiency, meeting SASAC’s requirements on cost control and particularly the human resources cost control. Finally, we should focus on difficult enterprises and support reform policy to realize the Group’s new sustainable development.

The work on risk control, safety in production and Party construction was given requirements.

All staff of the headquarter, Party and management leaders from the secondary enterprises, and persons in charge in the financial department amounting to 110 attended the meeting.


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