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Set up Standard Board of Directors, Investigation Team Came to the Group for Investigation

集团总部     2014-03-04         

In order to carry out the spirits of the 3rdplenary session of the Party’s 18th’Congress and further improve the management of central enterprises, the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPCand SASAC jointly established an investigation team and selected some central enterprises to make investigation and surveys on the standardization of board of directors. On Feb. 27, deputy director of SASAC’s No. 1 enterprise and leader bureau Wang An led the investigation team to the Group. Investigators from No. 5 leader bureau of Organization Department, SASAC reform bureau and enterprise and leader bureau participated in the investigation.

The investigation team learned about the operation, achievement and existing problems together with improvement suggestions of the China Chengtong’s board of directors through forums and exchanging ideas with directors of the board, some deputy presidents of the Group, secretary of the board, and general manager of human resources respectively. The investigation team also solicited and changed opinions on key issues of the board construction, including the relationship between the board and the Party organization of the Group, the evaluation of the board of directors, external director construction, double-deck board of directors, etc.


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