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The Group Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with China Nonferrous Metal Mining (Group) Co., Ltd.

集团总部     2014-02-28         

On Feb. 28, China Chengtong signed a strategic cooperation contract with China Nonferrous Metal Mining (Group) Co. Ltd. (abbr. China Nonferrous Group). The Group’s leaders Ma Zhengwu, Hong Shuikun, Xu Zhen, Li Yousheng and general manager of China Nonferrous Group Luo Tao, Party committee secretary Zhang Keli and other leaders including Yan Di, Wu Xiang and Li Xiaoying were present on the signing ceremony.  

The signing ceremony was hosted by Zhang Keli. China Chengtong’s deputy president Li Yousheng and China Nonferrous Group’s deputy general manager Yan Diyong signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of their own Groups respectively.

The main business of China Nonferrous Group includes exploitation of nonferrous metal resources, construction engineering, related trade and services. As the first “going-out” central enterprise in the metallic industry and the enterprise with the most investment and cooperation with overseas nonferrous metal industry, China Nonferrous Group has a considerable industrial deployment overseas, with businesses covering 80 counties and regions and more than 40 nonferrous products. It has forged a comprehensive industrial chain integrating businesses including research and development, design, exploration, select, smelt, processing, equipment manufacturing, project contracting, construction, trade and logistics etc. In 2013, it numbered 482 in the Fortune Global 500.  

With the signing of the agreement, the advantages of each party will be fully explored and utilized and a long-term, comprehensive and stable strategic cooperative relationship in engineering construction, land exploitation and utilization, as well as trade is forged. The cooperation between the two Groups is promising in these fields.

General manager Luo stated that China Nonferrous Group will allow full play of its advantages and actively coordinate all sorts of resources to support China Chengtong’s strategic cooperation overseas, and will  help China Chengtong to continue developing in the new situation.

The Group’s president Ma Zhengwu stated that China Chengtong played a unique role in the reorganization of central enterprises in recent years, and made great development in its four main businesses, such as comprehensive logistics, capital goods trade, forest pulp paper manufacture, as well as development and utilization. China Chengtong is open for the cooperation with China Nonferrous Group and strives to have concrete achievements as soon as possible and to serve as a model for cooperation between central enterprises.

Before the signing ceremony, the Group’s leaders visited China Nonferrous Group’s exhibition in the company of general manager Luo Qing and learned carefully about the glorious achievements made in the three main businesses by China Nonferrous Group.

   China’s 15th Metallurgy Company chairman and general manager Ma Wenzhou, Party committee secretary Wang Pengyun, persons in charge from China Nonferrous Group’s headquarter, main persons in charge from CMST Development Co. Ltd. , China Logistics, Chegtong Hongkong, Chengtong International, China Commercial Group, relevant staff from the Group’s headquarter were present in the stated activities.


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