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The Group’s Work Conference, i.e. 1st meeting of 2nd Workers’ Congress Held in Beijing

集团总部     2014-01-23         

On Jan 19-20, China Chengtong’s Work Conference, i.e. the 1stmeeting of the 2ndWorkers’ Congress was held in Beijing. With the guidance of further implementing the 3rdplenary session of the Party’s 18th’Congress,the work conference made a deep analysis and judgement on the current situation based on summarizing the work in 2013, and called on all the leaders and staff to break through the obstacles in deepening reform and transformation and enhancing quality and benefits with a high and self motivation, in order to recreate the prosperity of the Group from a new historical starting point.

Chairman of large-scale enterprise board of supervisions of the State Council Li Ke was present on the meeting and made a speech. The former minister of Internal Trade Lu Jiang, deputy director of Internal Trade department Ding Junfa, deputy inspector of SASAC’s 6thInspecting Group Zhang Zhenmin, Chairman of China Logistics and Procurement Joint Association He Liming, external director of board Wang Qingtang, Chen Xuezhong, Zhang Peng, director of 16thbureau of board of director Wang Zhanjun, deputy director Ren Fanhua, supervisor Xuan Baoping, Songyu, former senior lead of the Group Jia Hongsheng, Sun Zhenguo, Gu Xiangdong, Zhang Baozhen, Chen Wu were invited to attend the meeting. Staff above senior manager from the headquarter, Party and management leads from the secondary enterprises, general manager of the tertiary enterprises within the Group’s budget, and the Group’s staff representatives amounting to 305 were present on the meeting.

On the afternoon of the 19th, the 1stmeeting of the 2ndworkers’ congress was held. 103 staff representatives scrupulously studied the Group’s Work Report, 2014.A new leader organization came into being and the Work Plan for 2014 was approved. Representatives actively shared opinions on the Group’s work focus and reform, providing idea and suggestions on optimizing resources, setting up evaluation and motivation system, as well as probing emerging commercial activities.

On the afternoon of the 20th, member of the national committee of CPPCC, former deputy director of the Development Research Center of the State Council Hou Yunchun was invited to make a report on the current micro-economic situation of the country. The report centered four aspects, i.e. economic operation state, development stage transform, challenges and opportunities as well as prospects of logistics, trade, and paper industry.

 On the conference, the 11th“China Chengtong stars” were commended. General manager of Beijing Zhong Wu Chu International Logistics  Technology  Co. Ltd. supervised by CMST Development Co. Ltd. Ju Dianming, chairman of China Commercial Group Co. Ltd of China Commercial Group Song Mingwei adding up to 7 were awarded with the honor.

The Group signed the2014 Operation Target Liability Statement with general managers and Party leads from 9 secondary enterprises such as CMST during the conference. The Group’s Important Connection Enterprise List 2014 was published and 12 enterprises that continuously entering the list for five years were complimented. 14 grassroots unites exchanged written experience and reported the work on the work of stability maintenance in 2013 to the Group.

Chairman Li Ke highly approved of the Group’s work and expressed some wishes for the work in the coming year. He pointed out that China Chengtong’s leads worked hard and were full of vigor, which was to be approved. He hoped that China Chengtong would: 1) intensify study and enhance the initiatives of implementing the central government’s spirits; 2) change the mode and work hard on the quality; 3) constantly innovate and strengthen its core competitiveness; 4) combat corruption and reinforce the construction of the Party; 5) face the challenges and unveil a new scenario for the Group’s development.

The conference pointed out that during the past year, faced with complicated domestic and overseas situations, the Group sturdily carried out mass line cultivation under the guidance of SASAC leads and director of board of supervisors, adhered to reorganization and transformation, guaranteed the budget and stability, focused on changing the situation of general debility and increasing benefits to make sure the realization of the annual targets. Last year, the operation revenue of the Group reached 77.363bn yuan, accounting for 103.66% of budget and increasing by 3.33% compared to the year before last.The total benefits added up to 1.281bn yuan, which equaled to 102.84% of budget and increased by 2.67% compared to the year before last.

The conference came to the conclusion that the achievements were mainly benefited from the following points:1)Intensified mass line cultivation from the Party. All levels of leads had conspicuous change in their work to push forward the improvement of enterprise business development. The benefits of the Group are on the steady rise. 2) Successful measures taken to guarantee growth. The effect was obvious when the size of the managing team is compressed, and the performance of core companies further improved. 3) Major functions of assets management continuously improved. The platform operation increasingly enhanced its capability, serving the central enterprise structure adjustment and actively exploring diversified ownership. The asset securitization of main businesses of the Group was almost complete. 4) Management effectiveness enhanced, structure optimization reinforced and risk control system perfected. 5) Scientific and technological innovation improved. The Groups authorized 110 new patents, amongst which there were 22 inventive patents and 7 were awarded with technological innovation price from provinces and above.

It was stressed to study and carry out the spirits of the 3rdplenary session of the Party’s 18th’Congress as the key task for now and the near future in the conference. The implementation of the spirits of the 3rdplenary session of the Party’s 18th’Congress is closely connected to the Group’s development, especially the requirements of SASAC that brings both challenges and opportunities. With the backdrop of intensifying reform, China Chengtong is faced with urgent problems such as industrial structure adjustment. The Group’s leaders and staff should continue study the Congress spirits and improve their own visions and initiatives.

2014 will be a very difficult year for the Group that is faced with reform tasks. According to SASAC’s principles of “adhering to steady development, reform and innovation, intensifying reform as motivation, focus on increasing benefits, reinforcing Party construction, carrying out 153 strategy and two new targets, pushing forward state-owned reform and contributing to the healthy economic development”,  the Group shall take the spirits of the  3rdplenary session of the Party’s 18th’Congress as guidance, continue market orientation, fully intensify reform, quicken adjustments, enhance operation quality and increase benefits for the Group.

The work for 2014 should be done well: 1) Consider the time and situation and plan to get initiatives of reform strategy. The Group should be confident and decide on reform plan to accelerate its transformation. 2) Accelerate existing industry adjustment. Logistics should speed up commercial upgrade and extend to businesses that have a promising trend. The Group should have a vision for both domestic and overseas deployment, equipment and technology in the pulp paper industry. The Group should strive to achieve the EVA elementary objective and improve the capability of resource allocation so as to quicken its own adjustments. The trade business should be innovatively adapted to the market demands and trading tendency.  It should comply with market principles in mechanism, human resources and operation, increase the value in technology, extend the industry chain, and enhance capabilities to provide tailored and integrated solution services. Assets management should be creative and improve its functions. 3) Propel important controlling work. The Group should continuously improve strategic study and investment management, intensify human resources reform, and improve innovation system as well as intellectualization. 4) Innovate Party construction to guarantee strong organization for the Group.

All the leaders were called on to carry out a series of significant deployment of the central government, the State Council and SASAC, adhere to reform, and plan for development together in order to push forward the Group’s reform onto a new stage.


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