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The Group Signed Framework Agreement with State Forestry Bureau

集团总部     2013-11-08         

On Nov. 7, the Group and the State Forestry Bureau signed in Beijing the Framework Agreement on Strategic Cooperation of Forestry. According to the agreement, both parties will take the spirits of sharing resources, complementing advantages, and cooperating for innovation and mutual benefits, and stress cooperation on sustainable cultivation, operation, development and utilization of forests as well as development of forest biomass energy industry. Both parties will promote comprehensive forest utilization at home and abroad and push forward the ecology of forests and livelihood of people who live on forests together with ecological civilization construction. 


Pic. 1. The Group’s Chairman Ma Zengwu Exchanged Ideas with Deputy Director General Zhang Jianlong

Deputy director general of State Forestry Bureau Zhang Jianlong, the Group’s chairman Ma Zhengwu, president Hong Shuikun, deputy president Li Yousheng were present on the signing ceremony. Deputy president Li Yousheng presided over the signing ceremony. Before the ceremony, the two parties had a friendly conversation.


Pic 2. The Group’s President Hong Shuikun and Deputy Director General Zhang Jianlong Represented Each Party and Signed the Agreement

According to the agreement, the Group and the State Forestry Bureauwill both comply to the state’s political, economical and diplomatic strategy, carry on the principle of complementing each other’s advantages, mutual benefiting and sustainable development, and combine the advantages of industrial guidance, planning, organization and policy from the State Forestry Bureau and the huge scale, good mobility and strong profitability from the Group to carry out strategic cooperation, develop forest ecology and livelihood, and push forward ecological civilization construction. Both parties will promote sustainable utilization of forest resources. Cooperative projects should reflect scale effect and integrate economy, society and ecology development in the logging, processing, planting, and protecting of forest resources.

Pic 3. The Group’s Vice President Li Yousheng Presided over the Signing Ceremony

The agreement states that the Group will conform to the state’s forestry development strategy, increase investment in forest-related businesses, support ecological and social construction of forestry, and vigorously carry out national forestry constructions such as integrated forest pulp paper. The Group will also follow the nation’s going-out strategy, actively develop overseas forestry investment, contributing to country’s timbering security and ecological civilization construction. The State Forestry Bureau will assist China Chengtong in its developing into an international forestry Group of world competitiveness and  will provide technical guide and policy support to national and overseas forestry resources development and utilization, as well as to processing park planning. Both sides will hold non-scheduled meetings, discussing on cooperative fields. The State Forestry Bureau will give industrial guides for cooperative projects from perspectives such as forestry resources cultivation, development and utilization, planning, resources assessment, technological support and international cooperation. China Chengtong will report on national and overseas market analysis, project economic evaluation and technology support to cooperative projects.

Pic 4. China Paper Executive General Manager Huang Xin Exchanged Signed Contracts with China Academy of Forestry President Zhang Shougong

On the signing ceremony, China Academy of Forestry and the State Forestry Bureau Investigate and Plan Designing Institute respectively signed the Agreement on Co-constructing “China Paper Investment Co. Ltd. International Forestry Research Institute” and the Framework Agreement on Overseas Forestry Cooperation with the Group’s affiliate China Paper Investment Co. Ltd.

Leads in the State Forestry Bureau, the Group’s Strategic Development Center chief director Luo Xiaoping, China Paper’s Party secretary Hong Jun, executive general manager Huang Xin were present on the signing ceremony.


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