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The Group’s Chairman Ma Zhengwu visited Zhanjian and Yangjiang in Guangzhou Province and Met with Main Local Leaders

集团总部     2013-11-04         

On Oct. 28-31, Chairman Ma Zhengwu visited Zhanjiang and Yangjiang in Guangzhou province for investigation and met with main municipal Party and government leaders.

On Oct. 29th, Chairman Ma visited Yangjiang High-tech Development Zone and Yangjiang port area, and met with Yangjiang municipal Party committee secretary Wei Hongguan and mayor Qiu Zhiyong. Wei extended warm welcome to China Chengtong and introduced economic development of Yangjiang and the construction and development of Yanngjiang high-tech zone and Yangjiang port area. Wei said Yangjiang municipal government would fully support China Chengtong’s investment and development in Yangjiang. Chairman Ma thanked Yangjiang municipal Party committee and municipal government for their concerns and support to China Chengtong. He said that China Chengtong would fully support development of Yangjiang and would seek cooperation in businesses such as logistics to develop together with Yangjiang.

On the 30th, Chairman Ma made a site investigation on the special paper industry base of Guan Hua Gao Xin in Zhanjiang Donghai Island, listening to the report on project progress and operation plan, and observing the supporting facilitates and logistics land. Afterward, Ma met with Zhanjiang municipal Party committee secretary Liu Xiaohua and mayor Wang Zhongbing. Liu represented the municipal committee and government to thank China Chengtong for its long-term, full support to economic and social development of Zhanjiang. He said that Zhanjiang will continue support and provide service to China Chengtong’s affiliate enterprises by implementing relevant supporting policy. He hoped that China Chengtong could make good use of central enterprises’ advantages in resources, technology and brand to benefit both the enterprise and the locality. Chairman Ma expressed appreciation to Zhanjiang municipal Party committee and government for their support to the construction of special paper industry base in Zhanjiang Donghai Island. He said China Chengtong was very happy in the cooperation with Zhanjiang. The special paper industry base in Zhanjiang Donghai Island will lead the world’s special paper industry after completing construction. China Chengtong will expand investments in Zhanjiang with the advantage in logistics. Ma hoped that China Chengtong could continue enjoy the support from all levels of leaders in Zhanjiang.

On 31st, Chairman Ma visited the Biomass Power Generation Plant under Yuedian in Zhanjiang. He carefully listened to the presentation on the economic indicators of biomass power generation, technological challenges, material supply and industry development perspectives. Yuedian Zhanjiang Biomass Power Generation Plant has two units with a total capacity of 2?50MW, and boasts to be the biomass power generation plant of the largest single unit capacity and total capacity in the world.

Zhanjiang municipal Party committee member, Development Zone management Party committee secretary and director Xu Shun, municipal Party committee member Chen Anming, municipal Party committee secretary general Hu Haiyun, Jiangjiang High-tech Development Zone Party committee secretary, management committee director Cai Dewei attended respective meetings. China Logistics Co. Ltd. Chairman and general manager Liang Weihua, Huan Hua Gao Xin deputy chairman of board, general manager Huang Yangxu were present in relevant activities.


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