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The Group’s Chairman Ma Zhengwu Inspected China Chengtong’s enterprises in Xinjiang

集团总部     2013-08-08         

On July 29-31, the Group’s chairman Ma Zhengwu visited two enterprises of China Logistics in Xinjiang for inspection and met with secretary of Nongbashi Shihezi Party committee and Bashi political commissar Xu Zhixin.

Xu expressed gratitude towards China Chengtong for its support to basic logistic construction in Shihezi and said that Nongbashi Shihezi Party committee would fully support the construction and operation of China Chengtong (Shihezi) Logistic Center Program by providing the most favorable policy. Chairman Ma thanked the municipal government for the great support to site selecting and earlier stage preparation for the project. He demanded that China Logistics should carry out the project with a high standard, and completed it well and quickly in order to bring in clients. As a central enterprise and leader in modern logistics, China Chengtong should contribute its own efforts to the development of local logistics, improvement of investment environment as well as growth of local economy.

During the investigation, chairman  Ma was present on the foundation stone laying ceremony for China Chengtong (Shihezi) Logistic Center Program and laid the foundation stone with secretary of Nongbashi Shihezi Party committee Xu Zhixin.

During the visit to Xinjiang International Logistics Co. Ltd., chairman Ma inspected the project of Urumchi Diwobao International Logistics Harbor and listened to general manager’s report. Ma pointed out that the Urumuchi project is the only project in the field of railway construction that the Group had been engaged over the years and the biggest project invested by China Logistics. And it was also the free transferred project by local SASAC to China Chengtong for reorganization. The company conquered challenges after the “June 5 Event” and by focusing on big clients, the revenue increased significantly within less than a year. The staff’s passion for work also improved considerably. Ma understood that these fruits were not without difficulty. Chairman Ma he raised four requirements about the production and operation. 1. The company should reduce the adverse factors caused by the railway reform and grasp new opportunity in the reform while extending the railway business. 2. The risks of impawning business under supervision should be well controlled. 3. The company should continue carrying out the tradition of providing good services to big clients. 4. The company should also provide support to the enterprises under the Group.

Chairman and general manager of China Logistics Liang Weihua, supervisor Peng Lixin and relevant staff of the Group’s strategic development center were present on the events.


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