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The Group Held the Meeting of Annual Budget Work Planning 2014

集团总部     2013-09-29         

On Sept. 26, the Group held the meeting of the yearly budget work planning for 2014. Chief accountant Xu Zhen was present and made a speech on the meeting. Director of financial management Huang Wenmin presided over the meeting. Relevant staff of human resources department, strategic development center, operating management center, assets management center, and financial management center of the headquarter, cadres in charge of budget, financial, operating, human resources in secondary enterprises, makers of budget, strategy and assets planning, amounting to about 100 attended the meeting.   

Chief accountant reported SASAC’s principles and requirements made on the budget work video meeting and deployed the Group’s budget work for 2014 according to the practical situation of the Group. 1. The Group should guarantee at least 8% of the profit increase and list strategic targets and leading enterprises. 2. The budget should focus on main businesses and highly profitable industries, getting rid of inefficient businesses and non-principal businesses. 3. All the enterprises should strengthen communication on budget planning to make sure of the balance between finance and business and a timely statement.

The headquarter’s operating management center, human resource department, strategic management center, financial management center elaborated on the making of annual budget 2014 by showing the budget statement editing for 2013. Director Huang Wenmin concluded on the financial informatization, coordination between departments, capital allocation, risk control as well as statement deadline and quality requirements.

The meeting officially initiated the budget work of the Group for 2014.


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