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The Group’s President Met with Yangzhou Mayor Zhu Minyang

集团总部     2013-06-18         

On June 17, the Group’s president Hong Shuikun met with Yangzhou mayor Zhu Minyang and had a friendly talk over cooperation.

President Hong extended his warmest welcome to the visitors and introduced main business advancement and preponderance of the Group such as in assets management, modern logistics and forest paper. He also showed great concerns for strengthening mutual understanding and cooperation with the city of Yangzhou.

Mayor Zhu also introduced Yangzhou’s basic situation and advantages. Located in the middle of Jiangsu province, north to Yangtze river and south of Jianghuai plain, Yangzhou has convenient traffic and good ecological environment. In Yangzhou, agriculture is highly modernized, and paper industry is prosperous. Currently, the local government focuses its support to industries like trade and logistics, automobile manufacturing,mechatronics, etc. in the industrial transforming and upgrading and hopes to cooperate with China Chengtong in the fields of modern logistics, assets integration, and subsidiary agricultural product circulation on a strategic level by taking good advantage of China Chengtong’s assets integration capability, as well as advantages in businesses, network, brand name, and form a city-leveled platform of mutual benefit and new prestige.

Hong appreciated Yangzhou’s stress on sustainable development, ecological construction and logistic upgrading. He said that the cooperation has a wide platform for both sides and China Chengtong would dispatch delegations to Yangzhou for investigation and discussion.

Yangzhou municipal Party committee member Yao Suhua, secretary general of municipal government He Jinfa, director of Hanjiang district Gong Zhenzhi visited China Chengtong. General manager of Zhongchu Stcok Xainghong, persons in charge in the Group’s president office, strategic development center, operation management center attended the meeting.


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