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Director of Reform Bureau of SASAC Bai Yingzi Made Investigations on Enterprises of China Paper in Ning Xia Hui Autonomous Region

集团总部     2013-08-02         

On July 27, Director of Reform Bureau of SASAC Bai Yingzi visited enterprises in Ning Xia Hui Autonomous Region of China National Paper-Industry Investment Corp. (CNPIC) for investigation.

Director Bai visited Meili Stock, Meili pulp paper plant and its forest base and listened to reports made by CNPIC chief accountant and Meili’s chairman Yan Su as well as Meili Paper’s general manager Zhangqiang. Bai carefully collected information on the basic situation, work unrolled in the first half year, main problems and challenges, perspective for the next stage, as well as specific demands for support from the enterprises.

After the report, Director Bai said that SASAC attached great importance to the re-organization of Meili Paper and was determined to do it well. SASAC will be responsible to the staff and the local development. After the transfer, China Chengtong made good use of its professional function of state-owned assets management and effectively pushed forward the re-organization of Meili Paper. The measures to reduce loss are obvious and staff are least affected. Bai approved of the work done in general and made the following requirements: 1. To be faithful to the fact and present all the actual problems so that better judgment and policy may follow. 2. To be sustainable and it is a political, social and economic responsibility to develop the enterprises well. The advantages of the enterprises in raw materials, products, costs and allocation should be studied and judged in order to find ways and measures for sustainable development. This should be the key point and is as important as to solve the present problems.

The Group’s cadres participated in the investigation and highly spoke of the leaders and Party cadres of Meili Paper for their previous work, and they stressed the determination to implement SASAC’s requirements on re-organization of Zhong Zhi Paper and boost reorganization and integration of Meili Paper. President Hong Shuikun pointed out that the key thing was to stop loss and the second is arrangement and allocation of the staff. Lesions should be drawn and shortcomings should be envisaged. Meili Paper should start a scientific, clear, plausible and sustainable plan for development in the future, instead of clinging to the old, inertial way.


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