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Chairman Ma attended the Chinese Russia Premier Meeting with Entrepreneur Representatives

集团总部     2013-04-22         

On April 15th, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, vice premier Zhang Gaoli and Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Shuvalov had a meeting at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. After the meeting, Zhang and Shuvalov met with both Russian and Chinese entrepreneur representatives.

Shuvalov said Russia had a huge market for investment where Chinese enterprises were welcome. The Far East and Baikal region of Russia has great developing potentials and is looking forward to see presence of the Chinese enterprises.

Zhang pointed out that both China and Russia were emerging economies that grew very fast. Each has their own advantages in resources, technologies, markets, and capitals. Both are keen to cooperate. It is foreseeable that a critical period for practical cooperation is coming. As the major force of the cooperation, enterprises of both sides must grasp the strategic opportunity, actively adapt themselves to the new situation and market demand of the other, and raise comprehensive competitiveness in order to make an active contribution to the economic and social development of both countries.

In the meeting, chairman Ma Zhengwu made a brief introduction of the operation and orientation of the Greenwood International Trade Center. Shuvalov said both governments attached great importance to mutual trade and hoped that the Greenwood center would play an even more significant role in this process.

In the afternoon, entrusted by Ma, general manager of China Chengtong International Investment Co. Ltd Zhou Liqun made a speech entitled “Good Credit as the Core Value, Investment for Win-win Situation: Greenwood International Trade Center”on behave of China Chengtong, the biggest commercial investor of China in Russia.


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