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Economic Daily published an Interview with Chairman Ma

集团总部     2013-03-18         

On March 14th, Economic Daily published the exclusive interview with the Group’s chairman Ma Zhengwu in its conference feature, as below: 

Grasp Significant Points, Push forward Reform

An Interview with Member of the National Committee of CPPCC, Chairman of China Chengtong Group Ma Zhengwu

Economic DailyReporter: Feng Qiyu

 “We must continue accelerating the marketization of state-owned enterprises.”Member of the national committee of CPPCC, chairman of China Chengtong Group Ma Zhengwu said the Group would grasp the most significant points to continue intensifying reform, sharing reform benefits, strengthening vitality and competiveness.

To quicken the reform and diversity of equities of state-owned enterprises, particularly those primary state-owned enterprises, we must continue pushing forward marketization of qualified enterprises after reform or IPO of their main businesses. For those that are not ready for the stock market, we must quicken the diversity of equities. We must also quicken the steps of asset securitization and realization of state-owned capital liquidity is an effective measure to optimize deployment of state-owned capital and realize maintenance and appreciation of assets value. On the other hand, diversity of equities can also help to improve management and encourage private capital to participate in state-owned enterprise reform.

Enterprise management is to be perfected. Currently, 52 standard boards of central enterprises are established. The next steps are to strengthen the board’s function, foster diversified, open boards, complete encouragement and accountability mechanism and form corporate management culture.

Selecting managing candidates from the market is to be continued. We must integrate the Party’s leading role and marketization in candidate selection, work out a mechanism of candidate selecting, assessment, remuneration, accountability and quit, and probe for a professional manager system.

Sort management is to be carried out actively. Sort management is a key to push forward reform. There are big difference among different types of enterprises in aspects like role playing, structure and targets. Therefore, we must sort out state-owned enterprises with regards to their functional orientation, targets etc., and conduct sort management.


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