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The Group Arranged a Series of Trainings

集团总部     2013-05-13         

In order to implement the spirit of working conference 2013 and strengthen staff’s capacity, the Group decided to give a series of trainings focusing on 9 subjects, including the Group’s development, non-financial staff financial management, management communication, emergency and crisis management. These trainings are aimed at enhancing the staff’s professional, executive and managing capabilities and helping new comers to familiarize with the Group.

On the first training taking place on May 9th, the Group’s Party committee member, board secretary Miao Qinghua introduced the Group’s development. New staff joining the Group less than one year and some new staff of secondary enterprises in Beijing took part in the training in the Group’s conference on the second floor. With videos and chronicle of events, Miao introduced in a multiple and comprehensive perspective the 2 decades’ development of the Group. The new staff were impressed by the four sections, including the Group’s overall introduction, historical development, current development and outlook.

Other trainings will be co-hosted with Tstinghua University every Friday for half to one day.


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