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The SASAC of State Council Adjusted and Enriched the Cadre of the Group

集团总部     2013-04-17         

The Group’s caucus was held on April 15th. Director of Enterprise Cadre Bureau II of SASAC, State Council, MengFanliang announced the decision that Li Hongfeng was appointed as China Chengtong’s director, deputy secretary of Party committee, secretary of discipline inspection commission and Li Yaoqiang would no longer serve as the Group’s director, deputy secretary of Party committee, secretary of discipline inspection commission and chairman of the labor union. The Group’s chairman of board, secretary of Party committee Ma Zhengwu held the meeting.


PIC 1.The Site.I.

Director MengLiangfan pointed out on behave of SASAC and the Party committee of SASAC that Li Yaoqiang had worked in sector of materials for many years and had rich experience in management. He is a highly disciplined, competitive and of overall and comprehensive vision. Li had worked closely with the Group’s major cadres and made great contribution to the Group in aspects such as significant decision making, Party constructing,discipline inspecting and development stabilizing, since the Group’s reform. In addition, he served as chairman of China Record Company and made an outstanding contribution to the smooth reform and development of CRC. The decision to appoint Li as major cadre of other central enterprise is an approval of not only Li’s work but also of the Group’s work.


PIC 2.MengFanliang made a speech.

Meng said it was a thoughtful decision made by SASAC to appoint Li Hongfeng as the Group’s director, deputy secretary of Party committee and secretary of discipline inspection commission. With a clear mind and full of responsibility, Li Hongfeng served at a series of important position and is experienced in the work of Party committee and the staff relationship. Meng hoped that Li would be adapted to the new environment soon, work hard and contribute himself to the development of the Group. Meng also wished that the Group’s cadres could support to Li’s work, actively communicate with him and work closely to unfold the Group’s further development in the future.

PIC 3.The new chairman, deputy secretary of Party committee and secretary of discipline inspection commission LiHongfeng delivered a speech

Li Yaoqiang and Li Hongfeng made a speech respectively. Li reviewed his work in the Group for the past 2 decades. He was proud of the Group’s development and grateful to the support of all cadres and staff. He is pleased to accept the decision but would never forget himself as a member of Chengtong. Li Hongfeng expressed his gratitude towards the trust shown in the decision and said he felt great responsibility on his shoulders and would make his best to push forward a good and fast development of the Group by sticking to the correct principle and starting from the basic work.


 PIC 4. The meeting. II.

President Hong Shuikun said on behave of the cadres of the Group that SASAC’s decision is completely accepted and this decision also showed SASAC’s approval and trust of both LiYaoqiang and China Chengtong. He fully agreed with Meng’s comment on Li and wished Li could continue his excellent work. Hong also extended his warmest welcome to Li Hongfengand hope could be adapted to China Chengtong as soon as possible.

Ma Zhengwu said on behave of the board and the Party committee of the Group that this caucus showed SASAC’s concern for the Group and the Group is fully supportive to the decision made by SASAC. Li Yaoqiang had been working in China Chengtong for 20 years and made great contribution to the Group’s development. Ma wished he could make even more achievements on his new work and would often make a visit back to China Chengtong. On the other hand, Li Hongfeng will further strengthen the cadre group of China Chengtong. Ma believed that with Li’s rich experience, he would make a good leader in his position. The Group will provide all possible for Li Hongfeng to start his work here.

Ma also made three requirements for the Group’s cadre group, including 1) intensively studying the new situations, new problems and new challenges; 2) carrying out mutual support, mutual trust and strengthening unity; 3) implementing high standard self-restraint and self-discipline.

The cadres above the level of assistant, leaders of all departments,and relevant staff of the board office, the president office, the party committee office and HR department attended the meeting.


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