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President Hong Hope for Zhongchu’s Leading Role in the Group’s Development

集团总部     2013-02-26         

On Feb.20th, Party members and the leaders of Zhongchu Development Stock co. ltd. had a meeting. The Group’s deputy party secretary and president Hong Shuikun was present. The Party secretary of Zhuchu Stock presided over the meeting. Party members and the leaders of the company attended the meeting.

The theme of the meeting is to implement the spirit of18thParty  Congress and enhance the working style, capability,and the leading team building under the guidance of “the eight regulations” and by centering the main tasks of “structure adjustment, transform promotion, risk prevention and quality guarantee,” as well as by comparing the de-facto work with the regulations of the leading team.

6 suggestions to the party committee and the leading group from the staff were collected before the meeting and were reported to the party members and leaders of company, who prepared response to the staff’s concerns and report of their work in written form for the meeting.

During the meeting, the party leaders and company leaders reviewed the work of last year, made a self-critical evaluation of the work, and raised endeavoring direction and improvement measures for the future.

President Hong highly approved of this meeting and pointed out that the meeting was successful in communicating in-depth amongst the staff and leading team and in self-critical evaluation of the leading team. The speeches indicated the growing maturity of the leading team. The consensus reached by the whole company represented improvement of the leaders. He also expressed the hope that leaders can be open when finding shortcomings of their colleagues.

Hong stressed that Zhongchu should carry out the spirit of Group’s working meeting and Zhongchu’s working meeting, catch the strategic opportunity and develop scientifically. It should also integrate the human resources and other resources, take responsibilities of playing a main role in the Group’s development by setting challenging and foresightful targets.

Hong warned the attendants of corruption, either subjective or objective, and called on the attendants to prevent corrupt for the long run. He also said the company should build its leading team and foster successors.

Hong hoped Zhongchu leaders will respond to the staff’s suggestions and take measures to protect the staff’s enthusiasm and promote developments of all the work.

The leaders and Party members of Zhongchu Stock were present on the meeting.



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