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The Group’s 20th Anniversary Ceremony Held in Beijing

集团总部     2012-10-24         

In the golden autumn, before the central Communist Party’s 18thConference, China Chengtong Holdings Group Ltd. solemnly held the Group’s 20thanniversary ceremony i.e. reporting conference of enterprise social responsibility in Diaoyutai Guest House on Oct 19th.

162 were present on the ceremony, including vice director and vice Party committee secretary of SASAC Shao Ning, vice director of Development Research Institute of state council Hou Yunchun, chairman of state-owned large-scaled enterprise board of supervisors Hu Fengtao, Dan Xiaoshan, Wu Baozhong, former chairman Chui Shian, Zhai Ligong, former vice national trade minister Lu Jiang, former head of material department Huan Yushan, Ma Yimin, Ying Wenhua, former director of national trade bureau Yang Shude, former leader of central discipline committee in national trade department Zhao Rong, former director of national trade bureau Ding Junfa, vice secretary of SASAC discipline committee Xia Zhongren,  chairman of board of inspectors of 1st office Kong Jianguo, director of 16thoffice Jin Danyang, 28thoffice director Ren Jinying, deputy director of Beijing economic informatization committee Ren Xiongmeng, deputy director of SASAC discipline committee Hu Xianzheng, vice director of property right management bureau Tao Ruizhi, director of public affairs Zhang Xianghong, director of China logistic and purchase association He Liming, vice director Chui Zhongfu, Zhou Linyan, director of SASAC service bureau Zhao Yanqiang, director of material department former cadre management Jiang Xiaotan, proprietor of China Fortune Publishing House Wang Bo, president of Xinghua Group Yang Zhong, general manager of corporate department of Agriculture bank of China (ABC) Liu Xing, vice president of ABC Beijing branch Zhang Junru, the Group’s former outer director Wang Wenze, Tao Rui, Du Changtao, current outer director Zhang Qiusheng, Wang Qingtang, Chen Xuezhong, Zhang Peng, the Group’s former cadres Jia Hongsheng, Sun Zhenguo, Gu Xiangdong, Zhang Baozhen, Zhao Gefan, Su Ziping, Chen Shengjie, the Group’s Party committee secretary and chairman Ma Zhengwu and leaders above the level of president assistant, main leaders in the secondary enterprises, representatives of former cadres, representatives of Chengtong Stars, Labor Model representatives. The meeting was hosted by the Group’s president and vice secretary Party committee Hong Shuikun.


Director of SASAC Wang Yong Sent His Congratulations

SASAC director Wang Yong attached importance to the Group’s activities of the 20thanniversary and sincerely congratulated to the Group and kindly greeted all the staff of the Group and their relatives.

The congratulating message expressed the following opinion. Under the guidance of the Party central committee and the State Council, Chengtong intensified the implementation of scientific development concept, quickened improvement of capital operating, actively establish a standard board, developed its own main business, adjusted the distribution structure, push forward industry transition, strengthened competitiveness, and vigorously contributed to the central enterprise reform and structure adjustment on the way of its own growth.

Currently, central enterprises have entered a key period of transition and adjustment. Director Wang Yong hoped that the Group would take the 20thanniversary as a new starting point to implement the plans of the central Party committee and the state council, intensify the reform, strengthen the innovation, further  improve the developing strategy, sturdily push forward the capital and industrial operation , continuously raise the core competitiveness, continuously enhance developing quality and benefits, and endeavor to make more contributions to the economic and social development.


Deputy director Shao Ning spoke highly of Chengtong’s Main Contributions

SASAC’s deputy director Shao Ning pointed out that the Group in the past 20 years was a miniature of the nation’s enterprises in the transition from planned economy to market economy and the period of establishing and perfecting modern enterprises. In the past 20 years, Chengtong Group grew out of a small logistic enterprise and became a modern enterprise group with its efforts made in inner reform, innovations in operating, establishment of a modern enterprise system, and extension of business realm and overseas market. Chengtong Group was on a probing and innovating road of development.

Chengtong Group is the only one amongst central enterprises to carry out the double pilot of establishing the standard board and managing state-owned capital. The Group played a unique role in probing central enterprise reform and the pilot project vigorously supported the leapfrog development of the enterprise. The platform of state-owned capital re-organization and capital operation that Chengtong Group established is a successful mode of capital marketing and professional operating, which directly reflected the will of contributors, served as a handy tool to push forward the growth of central enterprises, and contributed significantly to a stable prosperity. Central enterprise upgrade enters a new period during the 12thfive year plan. The state council hoped Chengtong Group to take the 20thanniversary as a new start, stick to scientific development concept, continuously intensify all kinds of reform, push forward management innovation and make new achievements.


Former Cadres Expressed their Wish for Chengtong

The former national trade minister Chen Bangzhu, discipline inspection committee director Le Yude, commerce minister Jiang Zengwei, president of National School of Administration He Jiacheng were unable to attend the ceremony and sent their congratulations and wishes to Chengtong Group.

Former national trade minister Lu Jiang said as a “veteran” in the field of logistics and a witness to and participant of Chengtong Group’s growth, he was delighted to see the development of Chengtong Group with its new force. In the past twenty years, Chengtong’s success in market economy and leapfrog development is closely connected to the efforts of the Chengtong people.  As a kindling logistic enterprise in the period of planned economy, Chengtong Group also conveys the hope and dream of many an old Chengtong member. He hoped that the Group could catch the strategic chance of the 12thfive year plan, play a leading role in developing strategy, focus on main advantageous business, quicken transition and upgrade, take the central enterprise responsibility and continuously make achievements in the future.

   The Group’s former cadre representative Jia Hongsheng said he was proud to see the achievements Chengtong had made. He had always been paying attention to the development of the Group even though he had been retired. He hoped Chengtong people will continue combine efforts and establish confidence to welcome greater prosperity in the future. 


Ma Zhengwu: Stick to the Group’s Developing Strategy and Innovative Reform

The Group’s Chairman of board and Party committee secretary Ma Zhengwu represented the Group’s board, Party committee, and managing team to extend warmest welcome and sincere gratitude towards all leaders and guests attending the ceremony. He pointed out that the ceremony i.e. the social responsibility achievement report is not only a commemoration to the past 20 years’ achievements, but also serves as a perspective for the future. The present Chengtong staff should learn from the history of Chengtong’s growth.

In the past 20 years, generations of Chengtong leaders led the Group through all kinds of difficulty and captured many critical developing opportunities. Chengtong Group’s development is a history made of all Chengtong people’s sweat, wisdom and passion.  

In recent years, the Group combined capital operation and assets management, realized a leapfrog development, and became a strategic investing holding corporation, which has a unique function in the restructuring of central enterprises. Since the 12thfive year plan, Chengtong made three important shifts, including an management upgrading shift from a traditional logistic enterprise to a modern comprehensive logistic service enterprise, an extending shift from traditional commercial enterprise to paper manufacturing enterprise, and a probing shift from focusing on industrial development to capital operating and restructuring. The main competitiveness is greatly enhanced, technical innovation significantly improved, influence enlarged and Party leading role continuously reinforced.

Ma came to a conclusion that the achievement relied on continuous efforts and steady development. He gave the following instructions: 1) to liberate thoughts and dare to make a breakthrough; 2)to stick to reform and innovation and keep developing; 3) to capture opportunities for quick development; 4) to work together and develop together. The whole staff must make efforts to improve capability and be dedicated to the Group’s further development.


At last, Ma stressed that the Group is at a crucial stage to quicken its development. The achievements made laid a sturdy foundation for future development. Currently, the Group must work together, stick to the Group’s developing strategy and innovative reform, and contribute ourselves to building an ever-green leading enterprise.



The Group’s First Social Responsibility Report Issued

Secretary of the Group’s board and spokesman Miao Qinghua introduced the editing, main content and the third-party assessment of the Group’s first social responsibility report.

Miao pointed out that fulfilling social responsibility is an important measure for central enterprises to implement scientific development and quicken reform mode as well as an inner requirement for a leading enterprise worldwide. The Group had been dedicating to enhancing capability of the fulfillment of social responsibility in the past and enjoyed a good reputation in society. The first social responsibility report is a milestone of the Group’s social responsibility achievement. Royal to facts and with an objective spirit, the report revealed the Group’s efforts made to implement economic, environmental and social responsibility, which meets SASAC’s requirement concerning social responsibility management. By fulfilling social responsibility, the Group also build up its own image. On the meantime, the Group will intensify communication with all parties concerned, listen to the need of society, ask the society’s inspection and help and accumulate experience to push forward the establishment and standardization of social responsibility system.


All the attendees watched a film about the reform history of the Group.

The Group’s president, vice secretary of Party committee Hong Shuikun expressed sincere gratitude towards leaders’ concern about and wish for the Group in the  conclusion. Chengtong Group will implement central Party committee and state council’s plans, draw a lesson from the development in the past 20 years, endeavor to be a leading enterprise that making more values and fulfilling better social responsibility.

Xinhua New Agency, China Daily, Economic Daily, People’s Daily Online, Party Building Study, China Securities Journal, Shanghai Securities Journal, The Economic Observer, The Financial Report of the 21stCentury, China Business News, State-owned Enterprises Magazine, Modern Logistics were present on the ceremony and reported the event.


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